Cutting to the core

He feels it more deeply now, everything cuts to the core of him. She hurts and scares and thrills him. He is so beautiful, still shy and afraid, but he discards the pretence, that thin veneer. He reaches to open himself even further to her, the slide into oblivion so close, always right there. He knows she loves his vulnerability: he steps bravely into the void and shows it to her, offered up with trust. He knows now that she will not stop when he is hurt beyond hurt, when he bleeds, or when he hovers on that edge, so he lets her see it, raw and real, that wildness in his eyes, the screaming pain, the helpless cries.

He is coming into his own… he is coming home to her and it makes her stupidly proud, makes her mouth and fingertips tingle with want, makes her feel like she can’t contain it inside her skin, makes her want to wrap him up into some small thing, to carry him with her, to absorb him into her pores and suck him into her mouth.

She examines it, this feeling, and finds, to her surprise, that it is her heart breaking. Over and over, he breaks her heart.

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  1. Bellaforte: Thank you so much. It hurts my heart to think about it and for some reason, I always have this awful picture of him floundering and struggling with himself and with 'all of this' and I am so happy that I have the privilege of bringing him into this, seeing him flourish and sharing these first experiences with him.


  2. My, God. We were celestially separated at birth. I can't otherwise explain how it is you so entirely GET it. How you're able to take what IT truly is, and bring it to the fore.

    It's not a feeling easily captured; it's even more impossible to explain, or put into words. But you've done the best job I've ever seen.

    And it does. Oh, how it breaks my heart. Every single beautiful time. Ferns, I would love to lose myself within more of your experiences. To curl up with them on a cold night with my beloved at my side, engaged in the private reveries of my own recollection as I resonate with your own.

    Would you not consider publication? Your words deserve the transcendence of the digital; to affix to the creamy white page, and the unmistakable scent of the wisdom of years to come.


  3. Miss Roulette: “It's not a feeling easily captured; it's even more impossible to explain, or put into words. But you've done the best job I've ever seen.”

    Thank you – and you are SO right about how impossible it is, I struggle every time to express it and fall short every time… I get no more than a tiny percent of it onto the page, but I am so glad you get it (IT, with capitals!).

    “Would you not consider publication?”

    I would love to, but I truly doubt that there is a market for my type of writing, it is quite a niche I think. Femdom unporn…


  4. Miss Ferns

    Found this one after you tweeted it earlier today. I am in awe of the plain fact that in your first paragraph you have so simply distilled what I am starting to experience with Mistress.

    What I am not sure about is her reaction to it all, and so I try to be patient and wait for her to share it with me.

    Thank you for sharing your words with us.


    1. I’m so glad you could relate, and I do hope that your Mistress shares how she feels with you at some stage.

      You are most welcome for the sharing.


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