I know what you mean

You say to me ‘please, Ma’am’ and I know what you mean.

You mean ‘hit me hardest now, I want to be bruised and battered and sorry-sore for ages afterward, so make it count please Ma’am, and I can take it pretty hard, don’t hold back, and then please during or after or before, please kiss me and let me beg for you to kiss me because I want my mouth to feel your mouth both tender and aggressive-hard and desperate, kissing until I can’t breathe with want and my mouth is aching and all of me is aching, and I want to feel the shadow of it afterwards, for ages afterwards, moving my body around and feeling the pain in it and touching my lips and tasting those kisses’.

You say to me ‘please, Ma’am’ and I know what you mean.

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  1. My slave and I LOVE this blog. We think it is beautifully written. We’re sure both You and Your slave fully understand and appreciate how lucky you are to have each other. Your writing is lovely and your relationship seems… I really have no words for its beauty. Best of luck to you both.Lady McKenna

  2. Lady McKenna: Thank you so much, I’m glad both you and your slave are enjoying it. And yes, I have been lucky to have found submissives who inspire beauty.Ferns

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