I am crouching in front of him, his hard cock (my cock) in front of my face, but I am not interested in the cock right now.

I am nipping at him, biting, which is the thing that has driven him closest to safewording with me. I nuzzle at his skin, lips and softness, tongue lapping at him, he pushes his flesh towards me, flinching when I close my teeth on it. I push my face between his legs, he widens his stance. I suck the soft flesh of his inner thighs into my mouth and suddenly snap my teeth shut on pieces of him, he is making sounds above me, but I barely hear him, his cock bobs as he moves, gently tapping against me, insistently wanting attention. I ignore it and travel the sensitive places… bitebitebitebitenuzzlelicksipsucknibblebite bite BITE BITE. The biting is punctuated with his groans, his exclamations of pain, his gasps of pleasure. When it gets too much, he tries to pull away from me, which makes me drive my fangs through his skin to pull him back to me, to keep him in his place.

I can’t see his face, but I know his expression… eyes squeezed shut, mouth open in a grimace, sucking back his saliva, trying not to move. He wants to rock himself, to move, he wants more, he wants it to stop.

I fist his cock and hold it up against his stomach, out of my way, he moans softly at the contact, but I am not interested in the cock right now. I lap at his balls, I know it scares him, I have been biting… you know, boys, what I mean. I nestle into and against him softly, nibble gently at the tender skin, mouthing him, sucking and licking, he is scared, I can feel it, I snap at him and all his muscles tense, my teeth half closed, he waits, a pained sound coming from above me. I let his ball slip out of my mouth and feel him relax a little with relief. In the momentary lapse, I lunge forward, suck his right ball partially into my mouth and I bite down HARD.

He cries out, buckles, doubling over, falling onto the bed, a strangled noise escapes his lips, turning into a sobbing sound, he curls up into a foetal position, gasping for air. I crawl up beside him and cover him with my body, “Oh baby…” I coo at him, “Oh poor baby…”

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  1. Please tell where I can find your twin! You always seem to come up with the most creative little tales. They are so descriptive that we readers can't help but feel that we are the ones you are enjoying.

  2. Anonymous: “Please tell where I can find your twin!”

    She is locked in the cellar, I can't let her out, she is pure evil!

    “They are so descriptive that we readers can't help but feel that we are the ones you are enjoying.”

    Thank you, that is a high compliment indeed, I appreciate it.


  3. Brids: “I think this is the first entry I've read and not envied what you two have. =P”

    Whyever not Brids? I am baffled by your strange comment… baffled I say!


  4. I will have to do something similar to my boy. This morning he was lazing in bed and I told him, you should get up before you get something very cold against you.

    I had taken a package of pork chops out of the freezer and lifted the covers. He cleared that bed in no time flat..LOL


  5. N: “Ouch. Ouch ouch ouch.”

    That made me laugh out loud. Such a great and apt reaction!

    I do love it when someone says 'ouch' at me.


  6. yes I know what it is like to have my balls bitten it hurts like hell but it is hot! only my GF at the time said to me the next day ‘why did try and pull me away when I bit down on your parts’ lol!

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