About masturbating
Thinking about you, and thinking about masturbating
Thinking about you, spread-eagle, restrained and blindfolded
Face up, on a bed
And I touch you, with my fingers, my mouth, my hair, my breasts
Different places, all over, in different ways, to see how you react
And if I get what I want I do more of it
Like I might expect if I licked your cock from base to head with the flat of my tongue
Or if I nipped the inside of your thigh with my teeth
Or if I stroked your lips with my breast and then a nipple
Or if I licked and nibbled at your neck, right at the jugular
Or if I straddled your chest and rocked my cunt against you, wet
Or if I held your head still by your hair and kissed your mouth without letting you kiss me back
Or if I rubbed your cock softly with my pussy, just stroking it in the wetness

Would you fuck up against me to get more contact?
I would move out of your reach, because I would love to see you fuck up towards me and not get what you want
And maybe if you looked like you wanted it badly enough, and you moaned in frustration, I would take your mouth with mine and swallow the moan down my throat

And maybe I would bring my cunt up close to your mouth
And maybe I would ask you how much you wanted it
And maybe I would stroke myself, close to your face
And linger on my clit, and it would make me moan
And maybe I would slide two fingers inside myself and back up to my clit, and down again in a hypnotic motion
And bring my fingers to your mouth, and touch your lips
And keep my fingers touching your lips, wet, so you can smell me, and make you beg to taste me
And if you begged, I would slide my fingers into your mouth and gently fuck your mouth with them
Sliding them over your tongue and whispering ‘lick me baby’
And maybe your tongue would feel so fucking good that I have to have it on my cunt

And I would lean down and kiss you, with my fingers still in your mouth, and my tongue in your mouth, and ask you if you want to lick my cunt
And maybe I would straddle your face and bring your mouth up to me, and watch your tongue reach for my cunt and keep it just out of reach
And hold your head away from me by your hair and ask you what you are waiting for
And feel you pull against my fist in your hair

And maybe if you said please enough times, I would relent and bring your mouth to my cunt and let you lick me
And I would want to fuck your mouth, but I would want the licking more
I would want you to make me come, but maybe, maybe you won’t be allowed to
So maybe I would stop you if I was close to coming
And I would tell you that you don’t get to make me come
So maybe I would kiss you, taste myself on you and whisper that maybe next time
Excruciating isn’t it?

I’m so fucking wet
Like an itchy restless springwell of want

Loves: 10
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  1. Delicious is definately the word I would use!!Read this first thing at work this morning, hmmmm going to be hard to concentrate on anything else today, lol

  2. peon: You mean you weren’t? Perhaps there are ways to fix that. I’m thinking clamps and ropes and some sort of tongue-traction. Does that work for you?Ferns

  3. Ferns:Yum. It would certainly be worth a try. Except I couldn’t even say “yum” with that equipment attached, could I?!Oh lord – I’ve just a developed a sudden urge to Google the phrase “tongue lengthening”! How sad is that?!! :)peon xxxx

  4. mmmm The day was good, not very productive on the work front, but very busy on a certain lengthening project, lol and it wasnt the tongue.Damn office chair is so noisy when I am squirming, must get some lube for that, hehehehe

  5. I know I probably shouldn’t be bumping an eight year old blog post, but Ma’am, this has to be the most erotic thing I have ever read. Your words made my heart race. Definitely going to have trouble sleeping now.

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