Pimping him out

See this boy here… 6’, dark hair, expressive mouth, pretty eyes, clean shaven… he’s articulate, intelligent, slightly bruised but still usable…

(lift your shirt, boy)

… yes, yes, you can see that bit of damage there, but it doesn’t impact his performance… he’s available to you… you want him?

(turn around, boy)

… well for anything really, doesn’t matter… no, it’s not up to him… yes, well a gag and some restraints will take care of that, so don’t worry…

(open your mouth a little)

… yes, see that, oh yes very soft, pliable, yes see how I can just slide my fingers in, you see how his eyes close, very sensitive to that…

(suck them, boy)

… if he’s been good, he does like a bit of a beating, also being forced, he quite enjoys that… yes, that’s ok, you can touch him, tell me how you want him…

(bend over that table, boy)

*nod* yes, yes it is lovely isn’t it, run your hand over it, like this… did you feel him quiver, delicious isn’t it?… yes, quite reactive, works if you are gentle or rough… you want me to show you, of course, I’d be happy to…

(come here, boy, so I can…)

*laugh* did you like that? Oh yes, he makes some beautiful sounds when you do that, and, well, you can see how he responds, yes he’s quite lovely in that state isn’t he… oh, anything really… groups… well again, once he’s restrained it’s all a bit out of his control isn’t it *laugh*

… no kissing though, I reserve that, no not under any circumstances… yes, I would appreciate a report after the fact, I like to know that he is performing well… I will inspect him for damage after you are done, bruises are acceptable, but anything more will be extra… you want?

Loves: 6
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  1. MmmmmmmmCan I hire out the pair of you??Now that would be something, to watch you play.Oh and to join in for the finale!

  2. nice use of mmmm forget the wordage, but how you use the unheard comments from the 3 rd person nice style…..oh yes and it works lol

  3. anonymous: Thank you, I’m glad you thought it worked. And yes, the silent third person is kind of scary and unknown, and has no direct voice in the transaction because it’s about me and him.

  4. It’s funny, Ferns, but Ive had a fantasy just like this recently. Only, from the sub’s point of view. My point of view, that is. The only real difference is that in mine, he has blond hair . . .:-)The unseen voice, the narrator – just how much of a Queen of all Dommes would she be? Oh dear, maybe I need to add some details!xxxx

  5. anonymous xxxx: That *is* funny… almost as if you had read my mind, or I had told you of it beforehand or… hmmmm… heeeyyy…She needn’t be the Queen of all Dommes, only the queen of one saleable submissive…And yes, some details would be appreciated.Ferns

  6. Dear Sx,You dirty, dirty, sleazy and most wonderful of Pimps!!A Domme pimping out a man for sex??Should be legal…should be mandatory!!A wonderful story..would make a great scene in a movie! Would make a great scene in real life!!regardsamusoman

  7. amusoman: I think you will find that it is the meat that is is dirty dirty sleazy (and slutty) and the pimp is always shiny clean gorgeous and impeccably dressed…Ferns

  8. “She needn’t be the Queen of all Dommes, only the queen of one saleable submissive…”True. Just one queen and one sub’s fine by me :-) The challenge from me to you now is to write a story that DOESN’T make me ache, in all the right places, all day. You’ve failed miserably so far. xxxx

  9. anonymous xxxx: Failed, and miserably no less?! Hmmm… one could argue that the failure is yours in being unable to exercise adequate control… a few hard smacks in a carefully chosen spot might help with that.Ferns

  10. unspeakable axe: I’m happy to have contributed to your library of daydreams, and I do love comments that combine blasphemy and bodily functions! Thank you.Ferns

  11. And there I go, getting another fantasy from your blog.

    I’ve read your blog posts front to back twice now and still am surprised by what I find sometimes. Reading your #OldPostPimpage is always a good idea.

    You are intoxicating.

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