I have you in cuffs, face up on the bed, but only your ankles are restrained. You have one hand stroking your cock, the other is covering your face. You are making a muffled sound through your fingers. I realise you are trying not to cry. I make you remove your hand from your face and I look at you. Your mouth is trembling, your face contorted. My pussy throbs, and I stroke your face.

“Let it go baby.”

A heartbreaking sob comes out of your mouth and I want to fucking eat your mouth. Your body is wracked with sobs, you convulse with the strength of your sobbing, and I am wet. I can hardly breathe I’m so turned on and I cover your lips with mine and rape your sobbing mouth with my tongue. And you can’t kiss me back, you are crying so hard, and there are tears. And I want them on my cunt, those tears. I’m ravenous for the sobbing and the tears and the hurt and whatever it is that is making you like this.

I don’t know why you are like this and I don’t care. I straddle your chest, feeling it heave under me, and I lean forward to feel it against my pussy. And you are still hard and you are still stroking your cock and you are sobbing your heart out, mouth open, eyes running.

I move up to cover your mouth with my pussy, and you sob and you lick me and I feel your tears on my thighs and your body is shaking and still you you lick me and I don’t have to look to know that you are still hard, and your crying resonates in my cunt and I move against your mouth relentlessly and it’s one of the hottest things I have ever felt.

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  1. At what point did this stop being a gentle, sensual game and become about nothing less than your desire to burn away my shell of masculinity? I don’t know. No man could punch his way through that shell, yet with you, the strength of your femininity. makes that shell melt away willingly. But I need that shell, don’t I? I’m frightened. I’m humiliated. This cannot happen. And yet it IS happening. My cock disagrees with my mind. It’s raging. It’s weeping with desire now. “Let it go, baby”, you say, softly and I feel like a baby, submitting, yielding to something inside me that needs to be here, with you. I begin to sob – from rage at myself, from bliss, from – I don’t know what. I pull against the cuffs on my ankles. I can feel my ankles beginning to bleed. “Gift it up, baby”, you say again, as you lower your cunt slowly onto my face. I know there’s no tenderness in that word “baby” for me – there’s only the desire for satisfaction that I’m there to bring for you, because I, as a man, was made to do that for you. Your female scents fills my nostrils, penetrating and melting my airways. Your cunt opens, demanding the muscles of my tongue. I feel the tears on my cheeks, burning with shame at the submission in me which is rejoicing against the masculine will I thought I once had. ‘This can’t be true’, I think. ‘She’d take my life just for her pleasure, and everything in me now gladly wants to it”. My face is now drenched with tears, as, with a deep sigh, you lower herself onto my face. I want to be consumed by your cunt. My tongue strains to pleasure you. You begin to move, grinding your clitoris on the bridge of my nose. I can’t breathe – and I barely even want to breathe. But the questioning in my head – ‘how can this be, how can this be?’ is now fading to a murmer. Finally . . . . my ego, my armour, my masculinity, just surrenders. None of it, I realise fully now, could ever have defied the force of the Feminine forever. It just wasn’t made to do that. Everything in me now is in harmony. I only want to please you, to please you as best as my maleness was made so to do.And I realise that I belong to you, that I’m enslaved now, and that in this slavery is both ecstacy and the only true freedom that a male can ever have. I kiss and lick, hoping to produce more and more of the gift of your juices, and feel them trickle down my throat and into my stomach. I sob anew, but that these tears are different – they’re tears of joy.peon xxxx

  2. Another amazing post.On the surface it is all very descriptive of the physical action but the emotion seems to be the real driving force.

  3. peon: Now there’s a comment and a half! Thank you so much – what a gift. I enjoyed it very much, your story, and am more than happy to have inspired it.Ferns

  4. tygerboy: Yes, I agree, even though the emotion is largely undefined (his and mine). I think all of dominance and submission is about emotion at its core and the physical is a way to get there.Ferns

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