She told him to get up on the bed on his knees, and he scrambled up, kneeling on the edge of the bed, his hands cuffed behind him. She brought out the three pegs he had brought with him, the ‘macho’ pegs, the marquee pegs, the ‘hold-things-in-a-cyclone’ pegs and smiled at him. She brought her mouth to his left nipple, sucking and biting at it before putting the first peg on him, she took quite a bit of flesh, her mouth having made it slippery. She repeated this with his right nipple, and stood back a little to look at him.

“Does it hurt?” she asked him.

He looked relieved… “No, not a lot”, he admitted.

She stroked him from his neck to his navel, then moved the pegs to just be on the tips of his nipples and saw him wince, his eyes squeezing shut, his face screwing up with pain. He had never had this done to him before, and he shook his head violently from side to side, mouth and eyes squeezed shut.

“You can swear if you want to” she told him, watching his contorted face closely, thinking it looked beautiful.

“Fuck… fuck… fucking bastard…FUCK, FUCK…!!”.

She laughed softly, and wondered, really, if he did this for her, this swearing, because he knows she loves it… she didn’t think the pegs hurt that much, but the sound of him in pain made her stomach turn over with lust.

She chased his mouth, even as the swear words poured out, but he was shaking his head from side to side, trying to find somewhere to put the pain. She held his head still by his chin and she caught his mouth, she kissed him hard and he kissed her back, his mouth opening to hers, her violence in the kiss making the pain lessen. She kept asking him if it hurt, and he kept saying ‘yes, yes YES’, his answer getting shorter and more frustrated. He was wincing, struggling, not paying attention to her due to the pain. She trailed her fingers over him. His boxers were wet with precome, his cock hard.

She told him he could ask her to take the pegs off if he wanted, and he immediately asked “Please Ma’am, please take them off”. She kissed him again, waiting until she had his attention from the pain and he put himself into the kiss. Then she took the pegs off, and his body slumped in relief and his face relaxed and she moved close to him.

“Do you want to see how wet this makes me?” she asked, looking into his eyes.

“Yes Ma’am”, he nodded, his face open to her now, his pain forgotten.

She was standing very close to him, she undid her belt and jeans… He leaned away from her a little so that he could watch as she slid her hand down into her panties. She was very wet and her fingers slid easily down her pussy, she stroked herself amazed at how wet she was. She brought a glistening finger up to show him, then put it on his lips.

“Do you want to taste me?”, she asked.

His eyes were on hers, his mouth already open, his breathing shallow, “Yes please Ma’am”.

She slid her finger into his mouth and he licked at it. She moved her finger in and out of his mouth gently, feeling his tongue lapping at it.

“Do you want to *feel* how wet you make me?”.

“Yes please Ma’am”. She considered making him beg, but she felt as if he was struggling a little with all this newness, that it was all he could do to stay with her.

She leaned into him, reaching behind him, pressing against his skin, and undid his cuffs. She brought his left hand out from behind his back, took off the cuff and guided his hand down her flat stomach into her panties. He was fumbling a little, and she covered his hand with hers and pushed it down. He made a noise in the back of his throat as he found the wetness and slid his fingers along her pussy, his mouth open, his breathing heavy. She pushed his hand down so that his fingertips just entered her, then pulled him up slowly, feeling his fingers wanting to get more of her, wanting to find her clit. She rocked against him just a little. He brought his other hand to her hip to pull her to him and she shoved it back behind his back and hissed ‘No!’.

She pulled his hand out of her pants and directed it to his mouth, he licked his lips and he waited, looking into her eyes. She wondered if he was going to beg, but he waited, his tongue already moving in anticipation. She pushed his fingers hard into his mouth, and he sucked on his fingers, his eyes never leaving hers.

“Was I wet?” she asked unnecessarily, pulling his fingers from his mouth.

He nodded and smiled at her, “Oh yes Ma’am”.

She took off his other cuff and put a blindfold on him. Unable to resist his mouth, she held his hands behind his back, pressed against him and found his mouth with hers, playing with the fact that he couldn’t see, pulling away and coming back to him suddenly, watching his mouth anticipate the contact then denying him.

Finally, she stepped back from him.

“Undress me” she instructed him.

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  1. Ferns, Such superb writing, these chronicles are a wonderful insight into, and celebration of, Female Authority! Until i read them Female Authority of this intensity and passion was not an attraction, but it is now :)So are these chronicles inspired by your incisive intellect and imagination alone or were some real world experiences also involved? Respectfullyouimistress

  2. ouimistress: Thank you for your lovely compliment on my writing.I am not a believer in ‘Female Authority’ of a generic kind though. I have only the authority that my submissive gives me, and that is more than enough.I am inspired by submissive men that I know or have known, and yes real experiences are chronicled here.Ferns

  3. Hello Ferns, Beautiful writing. Thank you for sharing. Each post i read, gets better. And yes the vanilla world would love these essays. I am looking at putting together some things with a view to publishing them. You can contact me at CollarMe if you are interested. I will be back for more. manxcat

  4. manxcat: Thank you so much – yours is the first comment from another woman (as far as I know!), so I’m very pleased that you are enjoying it.And yes, I will drop you a note over on CM, thank you.Ferns

  5. Hot hot hot! i especially like when your Domme's ask

    “Do you want to taste me?”

    i melt inside when Mistress says that. my inner voice screams “More than anything else i've ever wanted, YES!”

    Took me a couple paragraphs to figure out what “pegs” are just because i haven't heard them called that before but i DO enjoy playing with them :)

  6. Secretive Slave: “Hot hot hot!”

    Yes it was!

    “Took me a couple paragraphs to figure out what “pegs” are just because i haven't heard them called that before but i DO enjoy playing with them”

    Oh, yes, 'peg' is an Australian term… and I agree, they can be good fun!


  7. Noticed that you like breadcrumbs. Have been reading through. Not new to kink, but newly entering a D/S relationship with my husband. Love your writings… they are the closest thing to what I desire to have. “Tears” really got me, and seeing him cry like that is my ultimate desire

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