I want to bring it!

One of my past submissives was a professional writer, a poet, he had a beautiful way with words that I adored. His mind was a messy complexity of wild imagination, odd and loud, and full of pretty things, and he offered it up unfettered to me, revelling in my enjoyment of it. We would play with each other in that way, throwing words in each other’s faces, conjuring up a strange magic that would floor … Continue Reading

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He almost swaggered into the room, a huge grin on his face.

Glancing up, she started to laugh with delight. “You got it!?”

“I so fucking got it!” He laughed also.

The sound that left her mouth was almost a squeal. The length of the room was reduced to nothing under her thumping feet as she ran at him full force and jumped onto his body like a monkey. He staggered back a step or … Continue Reading

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Do you remember when we were strangers?

It seems impossible now. That there was a time when we didn’t know each other.

When I didn’t know that you smirk when you’re nervous, that you hum to yourself when you cook, that you will drop everything if I so much as touch you, that your skin holds the scent of freshly mown grass, that your mouth tastes of strawberries, that you get shy when you flirt, … Continue Reading

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I’ve been trying to sort out some issues on my blog (I know at least some of you have noticed that it’s been down a few times in the last week or so because you dropped me a note to let me know (thank you, I really appreciate that :)).

So while troubleshooting tonight, I made the entire thing crash (again) and to get it back up I had to [blah blah boring blah] and … Continue Reading

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Song of women

I was looking for an entirely different song about women that I wanted to post, but I stumbled across this, and it’s mesmerising.

It’s been watched by 1.6m people so I am, as always, behind the curve.

The Hu are a Mongolian band, and this collaboration with Lzzy Hale is just beautiful.

I started wars
I’ve given peace
I’m your lover
I’m your mother
I’m your sister
I’m your daughter
When Kings fall to their
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Bad memory problems

I have a bad memory. Truly terrible. I actually think it contributes to my introversion because it means I run into awkward social problems:
“Oh, we’ve met before? Several times? Of course we have…”
“Meet… um… [blank]??”
“We saw that movie together? Did I like it?”

Then the non-trivial which is hundred-fold worse:
“Oh, you already told me your sister had cancer… :((” *wishes the ground would open up and swallow me whole*

At … Continue Reading

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Newbie challenges

I want to say up-front that I love newbie submissives, I do. They’re so shiny :). My last submissive was a newbie and he was utter perfection.

But (you knew there was a ‘but’ coming, right? :P) I don’t have the patience or interest for those whose emotional intelligence doesn’t extend to believing in my humanity. That is *not* a situation I’m going to put myself in, fighting to be seen as human, and if … Continue Reading

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