Birthday nude: Strap-on

“This toy makes me want to fuck”.

It does.

Kneel here. Get it wet.

Let’s get started.

My traditional birthday nude is neither traditional nor nude. I’m okay with it.

Wish me a happy birthday, click ‘like’ so I know you’ve strap-onned (is SO a word, and no I don’t mean ‘strapped-on’) with me. Oh, and send me presents.… Continue Reading

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Another chat with me!

© Masocast by UnspeakableAxe

My second Masocast interview is live (the first is here)!!

Edited to add: All of my Masocast interviews can be found here (yes, I did more :)).

A wonderfully sweet benefactor offered for-real moneys to ask me some very interesting and thoughtful questions, I spill my guts, laugh a lot, and blather more, and the lovely Axe pretends he isn’t just talking to me for the money!

I also do an audio reading of … Continue Reading

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Come and sit in on a chat with me…

© Masocast by UnspeakableAxe

Do you want to sit in on a chat with me? Pretend we are in a bar, having some champagne, and having a cosy little chat? You can, sort of!

Unspeakable Axe and I talked for nearly three hours when he interviewed me for Masocast. His interview style is lovely, so it’s a low key, casual, friendly chat where we cover a whole range of topics.

He then had to trawl through my ramblings … Continue Reading

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Update on the pretty thing

The pretty thing has a beautiful mouth, truly. Full, shapely and pillowy soft. I want to post a photo of it, and even though I know he would be okay with it, it just seems too personal right now.

I joked on twitter that I was going to post an update about him along with a photo, but “…the photos make me stupid… Words… gone… just… …fuck!!!!”

I followed up with “If I get drunk … Continue Reading

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On puppying

puppying [puhp-ee-ing] (verb): To behave in an excited and exuberantly enthusiastic manner over someone, like a puppy. Usage: You are puppying at me!

Submissive men who are into me ‘puppy’ at me. I call it puppying. I have no idea if I made that term up.

Puppying is when they are so excited every time they are around me that their whole body vibrates with delight, they get under my feet, they bounce around … Continue Reading

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Drawing out hurt

“Hands behind your head.”

You comply quickly, and you wait.

“We’re going to do something that we’ve done before, can you guess?” I ask, smiling.

We are new together, there aren’t that many choices.

“No Ma’am,” you reply quickly. You are nervous.

“The pegs,” I grin at you.

You make a face at me, screw up your nose, your lip curls. You are not into pain. In fact, you don’t like it at all, the … Continue Reading

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Submissive man finds dominant woman! News at 11!

HugsTwo of my fabulous male submissive friends are exploring new relationships. Yay!!

Why am I posting about this?

Because it makes me happy, because they are wonderful, smart, interesting, sweet, amazing men, because both of them have been single for a while, and because it gives me hope.

Mostly, people are not single because they are undesirable hideous trolls living under bridges, compulsively twitching and muttering obscenities at passers-by.

Mostly, people are single because it’s … Continue Reading

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