Drawing out hurt

“Hands behind your head.”

You comply quickly, and you wait.

“We’re going to do something that we’ve done before, can you guess?” I ask, smiling.

We are new together, there aren’t that many choices.

“No Ma’am,” you reply quickly. You are nervous.

“The pegs,” I grin at you.

You make a face at me, screw up your nose, your lip curls. You are not into pain. In fact, you don’t like it at all, the pegs are torturous for you.

“Shirt off, jeans off. Leave your boxers on.”

You comply quickly and stand in front of me in your boxers, hands clasped again behind your head.

It’s like every time is the first time I have seen your body and god, it makes my skin, my teeth, my mouth ache with want. You are so beautiful. I close my eyes and take a deep breath.

The desire to touch you makes me faint. I stroke your soft skin, my fingertips tracing the undulations caused by your lean muscle. Your nipples harden under my probing fingers, I touch your cock through your boxers, feeling it respond to me, running a palm over your arse, bringing my mouth to the curve of your shoulder to lick it gently. I stroke you like you are a racehorse, your skin quivers as I run my hands over it.

“Kneel”, I say, and you drop to your knees. I grab your hair and pull you into the bedroom, you scramble awkwardly behind me.

“You know how this goes, right?”

You look up at me and nod, “Yes Ma’am, a peg, lots of pain, another peg, more pain, lots of swearing… I remember.”

I laugh, “Sounds about right.”

“Kneel on the edge of the bed,” I command.

You quickly climb onto the bed and kneel there, hands again clasped behind your head. You are so fucking sexy waiting there, I want to push you back and just shove my cunt into your mouth. The thought makes my breath catch, and I let my head fill with it as I look at you.

I wave the pegs at you, smirking. You tilt your head at me, trying not to look concerned.

I press against you as you kneel there, and bring my mouth to yours, long, slow, leisurely kisses, like our mouths are fucking. I moan gently into your mouth and feel your hips push into me at the sound. I run my hands down your back and slip my fingers into your boxers to feel your arse, pull you harder against me. You make a soft grunting sound that goes straight to my cunt. I reach between us and close my fingers around your cock through your boxers and squeeze. You push into my hand and the movement of your hips and the feel of your cock makes my pussy ache.

I pull reluctantly away from your mouth, my lips sliding down to your neck. I grip your hair and move your head to the side to stretch your neck as I kiss it, biting it hard, feeling you flinch, a groan escaping your lips.

I move down your chest to your left nipple. I lick it, suck it into my mouth, nibbling at it, then lapping gently with the flat of my tongue. I close my teeth around your flesh and pull at it, applying some pressure. It’s hard. I grab the peg and pull the skin of your nipple forward, closing the peg on it.

I watch your face register the pain, my stomach flipping over as you bite your lip. You are trying to be stoic. I wait for you to swear.

“…Fucking fuck fuck…”

I grab your head and pull your mouth to mine, wanting to swallow your words, I kiss you aggressively and your angry mouth returns the kiss hard, taking my breath. So fucking hot, I’m making soft inarticulate noises into your mouth.

I release the kiss and bring my mouth to your right nipple, nip at it, sucking it hard, playing my teeth across it until I feel it harden on my tongue. I grab the second peg and gently, slowly close it on your nipple.

I step back and watch your face as you struggle with the pain. You are taking fast shallow breaths, your eyes closed.

I want to eat you up. I want to suck your cock while you are in this pain, I want to fuck you while you are in this pain, I want to fuck your mouth with my cunt while you are in this pain, I want you to beg for the pain so that I will not stop playing with you.

I move close to you again, watching your face as I snake my hand down your stomach, tracing the top of your boxers, my fingers creeping below the waistband.

“How does it feel, boy?” I ask.

“It fucking hurts…!” you snarl.

“It fucking hurts WHAT?” I snap back.

“It fucking hurts MA’AM!” you spit.

My hand finds your cock inside your boxers and I stroke it once to the tip and run my fingers over it to see if you are wet. I find some precum and withdraw my hand, bringing my fingers to your lips.

“Lick it.”

You open your mouth I wipe my fingers on your tongue. You suck my fingers into your mouth and I feel your tongue lapping at them, just as they would lap at my cunt. I rest my other hand against the outline of your cock, a slight pressure.

“When I take the pegs off, this stops,” I tell you, and wait for the thought to sink in, your face still contorting with pain.

“Fuck… fuucckking fuck,” you mutter.

“Do you want me to take the pegs off, boy, you want this to stop?” My fingertips play lightly against the straining fabric of your boxers, I feel wetness.

“No, no leave them on Ma’am.”

“Beg me to leave them on.” I idly stroke your cock through your boxers.

“Please Ma’am, please please leave the pegs on, please Ma’am,” you beg.

“Do you want to see how wet this makes me?”

“Yes, yes please Ma’am, please…”

I slowly undo my jeans, and pull them down a little while you watch. You can see my lacy g-string and you watch intently as my fingers disappear into my panties. I close my eyes as they find my clit, I linger there. With a soft moan, I slide them down into my wetness. I gather the moisture on my fingers, slipping them inside me.

I offer my glistening fingers up for you to see. You open your mouth, your tongue is already out, reaching for my fingers.

“Do you want to taste me, boy?”

“Yes, please please please please please, yes…” You moan, leaning forward to reach my fingers.

I touch my fingers to your lips, you reach for them with your tongue and I slide them into your mouth, feeling you lapping at them. I fuck your mouth gently with my fingers, I lean forward to lick your lips as you suck, wanting to fuck your mouth with my tongue as well as my fingers, wanting more, wanting to get inside your mouth. The wanting draws a moan from deep in my throat.

I touch the pegs with my other hand, moving them. You spit out my fingers.

“Fucking motherFUCKER…” you hiss. God, you are so fucking hot.

“Does it hurt, baby?” I ask disingenuously. “Want me to take them off, or do you want to feel how wet this makes me?”

Your face contorts with pain and you pant, short sharp breaths through your teeth.

“Feel, please, I want to feel how wet you are, please Ma’am.”

“Beg me to hurt you again, baby”.

You clench your teeth and shake your head at me. “Fucking fucking… fuck!!”

I smile at you and move closer, my lips touching yours, “Come on baby, beg me to hurt you.”

You glare at me. Shake your head again.

“Hurt me… please…” You snarl it through tightened lips.

I bring my mouth to your tortured left nipple and lap at it, moving the peg, letting some blood circulate. You grind your teeth and groan as the waves of pain hit you. I do the same to the other nipple, lapping at it with my tongue, the movement excruciatingly painful.

I stand up and take one of your hands from behind your head and guide it down to my undone jeans. You don’t hesitate, shoving your hand down into my panties, your fingers immediately sliding into wetness, touching it elicits a moan from the back of your throat. I catch my breath as you circle my clit, slick and slippery and I fuck my hips against the pressure. You slide your fingers further and your whole hand is covered in my wetness.

“Slide your fingers into my cunt,” I whisper.

Your fingers slide easily inside me and I rock against the heel of your hand against my clit. I kiss you hard, sucking your tongue into my mouth, making a low sound that disappears down your throat. I fuck against your fingers, my mouth on yours, and feel you pulling me closer, trying to get contact with your cock.

I smile into your mouth and pull away, your hand slips out of my pants and you groan in disappointment.

I push you backwards onto the bed, and straddle you. I direct your wet hand to your mouth and tell you to lick it. I lean in close to watch your tongue lapping at your fingers, you deliberately do it slow, with long strokes, knowing it will drive me wild. I see the side of your mouth curling up into a half smile as you lick between your fingers, the pain momentarily forgotten as you tease me.

I watch your face closely as I reach for the first peg and flick it off. Your smile disappears, your mouth opens in protest, you grunt loudly, “FUCK!!!” You smack your head back into the bed over and over.

“Did I tell you to stop licking?” I ask.

“No Ma’am, but it fucking hurt…!!!” You see my look and you shut up, your tongue returning to its task.

You are waiting for the second peg to be removed now, you wince in anticipation each time I move, your face screwed up as you lick at your fingers. I lean down and kiss you, softly gentle, tasting myself on your tongue, you open up to me and I nudge at your mouth for more. I wait until you start to kiss me back before I reach for the second peg and slowly, gently open it. The blood returning to it radiates hot pain and I keep my mouth on yours as you groan from the hurt.

You moan your pain into my mouth, it makes me ravenous for you, I swallow it down as my fingers find your nipple and you squirm under me as I draw out more.

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  1. Um, wow. Not that this is news, but you’re good at this, getting him to beg for something he pretty clearly dislikes in order to get what he really wants, and were confident he would choose that. (How frustrating would it be if when given the choice to have the pegs taken off at the cost of play ending, he chose to end the play?)

    Anyway, as usual when you write about play, this made me feel things in places.

    1. “How frustrating would it be if when given the choice to have the pegs taken off at the cost of play ending, he chose to end the play?”

      Very! It would also mean I read him wrong, and that would make me feel bad.

      “…this made me feel things in places.”

      Feeling things in places is always a good thing!


  2. Fuck, that hurt a bit just to read.

    Still, I wish you would write more of this, and then publish it, and then it would get huge, and everyone would forget about that other *stupid* book, and also you would go on talk shows, and come to America, and maybe visit Seattle…

    1. “Fuck, that hurt a bit just to read.”

      Did it? I’m sorry about that. Look, I shall just put these on your nipples and you will forget allllll about it…

      “… and come to America, and maybe visit Seattle…”

      You know, there are much more likely scenarios if this is the end-game…


    2. I was just thinking the same thing. Let this be a book, so those shades of cray will disappear into a ball of nothingness that will never be revived. That was amazing and I hope you write more of this.

  3. I’ve been thinking about this post since I first read it. I think Peroxide has a point. Publish. Book tour. It should bring you to Chicago. I’ll take you for coffee.

    1. “It should bring you to Chicago. I’ll take you for coffee.”

      You should just start a collection plate to fund a world trip for me… or maybe just Seattle and Chicago…


  4. Awesomely realistic depiction of a play scene.
    I had to laugh hard when he started swearing, because I, too, am a swearer when it comes to certain things.
    Dom/me: “Does that hurt?”
    Me: “Well d’uh, what kind of a stupid question is that???”never really helped my case though, as you might have guessed. Self-control: Not my friend.

  5. We were separated at birth I swear. I do lurve me some hawt pegz aktshun too. One of your best works so far for realz!


  6. See Ferns……..other people think you should write a book and tour as well.


    America needs a hot Domme to wipe away all the ugly stereotypes.

    Australia can be home and America….Your home away from home.

    You could be the Simon Fuller of Female Lead Porn. ( considering accents on talk shows, brings that to mind. )

    oohhh and hot read too!!!

    1. “See Ferns……..other people think you should write a book and tour as well.”

      I DO see, though I think some are much more interested in the tour than the book…

      I had to look up Simon Fuller! He’s funny lookin’! I think “The Simon Fuller of Female Led Porn” would be a great magazine article title.

      Either way, thank you for the encouragement, and I’m glad you liked it!


  7. I so *totally* agree with peroxide! That *stupid* book would be lost in the dust of true greatness, should you decide to publish!

    M. FV

      1. ~closes eyes~ Oh my gawd you already left me with a shitty grin across my face this morning and now this.

        ~throws head back and breathes~ I really must quit reading your blog before and during work. Your words make my heart race, my mind spin out of control, and my body pulsate with need. Your words, I can feel them in me.

        ~growls and paces more conflicted at self~ No matter how much I fight it your words just threaten to pull things out of me, it scares me and excites me, leaves me helpless.

        And now I must somehow gather myself to go back to work. It is going to be a very long day!


  8. i confess, i want SO much to be called “boy” by You … what beautiful acknowledgement and enforcement of the sacred bond with You. Beautiful piece … so descriptive and moving. Thank You.


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