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This is a picture of the first time I played with rope, my ex boy kneeling patiently before me while I painstakingly followed instructions for this dragonfly sleeve. I enjoyed it well enough: time spent with my sweetheart, intense attention, an almost meditative precision, and oh my he was so pretty in rope, but I didn’t ‘get’ it.

I was curious about people’s attraction to rope, and why it was such a draw for so many.

When I met Richie, I played a little with Continue Reading

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“Take off your clothes”

I love this SO MUCH, I can’t even…

Warning: Game of Thrones spoiler.

Guh.… Continue Reading

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Men in bondage… aw yeah!

Today I discovered a German rigger whose photos are just amazing. He ties up both men and women, but his shots with men… just… oh my. Original and beautiful and and… guh! So much to love!

Here’s his blog: The Art of Being Held. Go and give him some love!

You’re welcome!


Oh, and if you have some fabulous sources for photos of men in bondage, please share in the comments (I have a few in my blog list, but haven’t found many so I’d be delighted to see more).… Continue Reading

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