Post-meeting update

I want to write a lot in the calm after meeting bambi yesterday (calm because it is the morning of the next day, and he is still in bed (in the spare bedroom, to clarify…)), but my thoughts are all scattered. Good-scattered though, all snippets of lovely things that I am not able to grab a firm hold of just yet.


  • There is a really strong attraction between us, which was my biggest ‘if’ factor for the face-to-face meeting
  • We are *so* kiss-compatible it makes my head spin and my mouth ache (literally, my mouth is sore from hours of kissing… sooo fucking good!)
  • He is so prettily transparent, I’m not sure yet if he is working at it for me, or if that’s just how he is
  • He was about an inch taller than me in my 3 inch wedged sandals, when I took them off, he seemed suddenly huge (he’s 6’2). LOVE!
  • He loves to touch me; sitting right up close to get contact, wrapping himself around me, petting me. I adore that
  • He is really affectionate (see above), which I also love
  • The way he responds to me makes my stomach flip, small hurty things make him shocked and small and desperate
  • He is so beautifully responsive in a way that makes me just want to keep touching him… soooo much potential there


For those who aren’t following along on twitter (why not?!), here’s how my day yesterday unfolded, 140 characters at a time…

8.00am I’m up, I’m showered, I’m coffee’d. Did I have something to do today? *muses*
8.15am I am exhausted, my eyes are all red and itchy… I’m sure I slept, but restless. I had lots of weird (non-bambi) dreams
9.10am *laugh* I am doing the usual with internet faffing about… oh hell, look at the time!! *goes to get dressed*
9.15am Weather is beautiful today… Welcome-weather!
9.30am Heading out… impatient airport tweets commencing in about an hour and a half *swishes out the door all fabulous-like*
11.00am I just arrived, plane just landed… Squeeeee!!!
11.10am Heh… Just told him what I am wearing in case he doesn’t recognize me… But but… It’s MEEEE!
1m later Still immigration & customs to get through… Ugh, I hate waiting sooo much *fidgets*
2m later Heh… I am getting excited every time a tall man comes out… This flight is delivering a whole bunch of tall cuties to Aus..
2m later I’ve seen a gazillion images & videos of him… Still worried I won’t recognize him!
1m later Haha… Caught a dude staring at my breasts… *laugh* No bra Wednesday! S’ok tho’ they are small & perky
1m later OMG jittery breast tweets!!! *fidgets*


10.15pm Me in chat to bambi who is *in the other room*: “DON’T MAKE ME COME IN THERE!” *laugh*
10.30pm 10.30pm, bambi report: Oh my, he’s lovely & takes aggressive, hurty kisses like a champion. Beautiful responsiveness. Also my mouth is sore

As a closer, my line of the night to him was a growly, “I want to bite your fucking face off…”

Sounds about right.

Loves: 17
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  1. EEEeeeee!

    This is all so great, I’m really excited to hear it’s going well.

    I’m checking Twitter even more obsessively than usual to stay updated.

    1. It *is* pretty great! *smile*

      And twitter at least current, if not actually very interesting… Plus you know what I had for breakfast!


  2. I was find it pleasing when those I care about find the happiness they seek. I am truly happy for both of you, now like DumbDomme said though you may want to leave some for tomorrow.


    1. It is yummy AND delicious *laugh*.

      I am having trouble with putting together thoughts for MOARZ is the only thing! I am all scattered and such!


  3. Wohooo! :D :D Yay! Awesome! I’m glad it’s working out <3 I love reading posts from happy-giggly Ferns! :D

  4. ZOMG where was your safety call ?? and your umm other stuff I’ve never done for teh safetz


    This is so sweet *fingers crossed*

    1. No no… where was HIS??!! *laugh*

      And yeah, I know: Straight into my car, home to my apartment, play on first meet, no safe call, told nobody who he is…

      Totally doin’ it wrong! Again! *sigh*

      Thanks for the crossed fingers, I appreciate it!


  5. We should have organized matching cheerleader outfits for all of your fans. I’m sitting here with my pom-poms (ok floggers) and no idea if they match everyone else’s! *pout

      1. I would wear a Ferns ‘n’ Bambi T-shirt! I’m sure Bambi could draw us a logo, as he has those fabulous artistic abilities that make me giggle! Please don’t forget my flog… er… pom-poms. As long as there are pom-poms! For the cheering and all…

        1. Yes, Ferns & Bambi T-shirts. I tried the cheerleader thing but it’s a look that would scare children. I’ve decided to hang up my Pom poms, for the good of society, but Ferns & Bambi T-shirts, I can do.

  6. I’m thrilled to read such happy reports. Your happy, makes me happy. Looking forward to reading about more lovely.

  7. I had this huge, completely unintentional grin spread across my face while reading this update. :) Soooo excited for you both!!

  8. Thanks for that. Made me feel quite un-grumpy. Gruntled, even.

    Best of luck to both of you.

  9. I think we need a picture of Ferns and Bambi, hand in hand, dancing along the beach.

    What say everyone?

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