Kissing date mark II

I didn’t want to talk about this until it was a SURE THING. Because, well, you know.

But since I’m posting this as I walk out the door to meet him, unless he’s a no show (he won’t be), fuck yeah, kissing date!

Holy-fuck-beautiful-eyes kept in casual touch after cancelling our kissing date (as he said pointedly to me, he DID offer dinner and a chat instead to which I replied that that’s like offering a nice salad with low fat dressing to someone who was expecting a roomful of chocolate).

We exchanged a few innocuous friendly emails that moved outside of OK Cupid after the bitter bitter disappointment. I gave him my ferns AT domme-chronicles DOT com address figuring it didn’t matter if he found my blog (he did) because the possibility of kissing had passed, so he wouldn’t be influenced by it either way.

Fast forward some 10 days, and his budding new relationship had fallen over. He put the kissing date back on the table (in a rather unappealing, knee-jerk-reaction-to-hurt kind of way, I have to say). I said no thanks to that, but since he had handled the situation previously so well and had kept in touch after the fact, I was happy to start talking about it again.

I told him he would have to work harder to re-ignite my interest after my disappointment. That once I am disappointed, I draw a line under it and close the door. That I rarely give people the opportunity to disappoint me twice.

He stepped up with his considerable charm, and I was drawn in and charmed by it. We click in a way that I don’t often feel. I enjoy him a lot.

I felt that same pull that I felt before from our correspondence. That… something. I can’t put my finger on what it is, I just feel some inexplicable visceral connection with him that makes me WANT, and that’s so very rare for me.

There was a ridiculously tiny window of opportunity for this kissing date. A bit sooner than I would have liked, but I didn’t want to miss the chance to explore it, and him.

So tonight: Kissing date mark II.

As I write this, I’m antsy and restless, cycling up a spiky aggressive energy for it.

I can hardly fucking wait.

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    1. Thank you *smile*.

      When you wrote this (12.11 am my time), I think I was on my way home. Three hours seemed like as much as my mouth could take…


  1. Eeeee! I hope it was awesome and that his hype was worth it! (I second the “going well so we get another book” thing, for the record..)

  2. Can’t wait to hear all about this! Hope it went awesomely! Please spill the beans soon!

  3. Ooh…kissing date. I have to try one of those some time. ;)

    Awesome that it went well, looking forward to whatever details you decide to share.

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