First Meeting Part II

Continued from here: First Meeting

“I was scared to death to be suddenly naked in your apartment, yes, scared to be starting, scared that you are so pretty, scared that I might fail you or not be what you want. And I will be scared again and again probably Ma’am when I am with you.”

I have him stand in the centre of the room, hands clasped behind his head. I walk around him touching him a little, I take my time. He starts to breath heavily, he is so nervous.

“I’m scared,” he whispers to me.

I kick his legs apart, touch his skin under his shirt, his stomach, around his waistband, his chest, my face close to his, rubbing against his cheek, no kissing, I want him to reach for me. I touch his nipples, stroke them gently.

“You want me to hurt them, don’t you?”

He nods, shy, “Yes Ma’am.”

I start to undo his shirt buttons, very slow, I’m in his face, studying his mouth, his eyes.

“I’m so scared,” he repeats, his breath catching.

My mouth close to his, I breath into him, he reaches for me, I pull back at first, watch his mouth. I feel the lurch rise from deep in my stomach, the hunger, I lean into him, I kiss him gently, just touching my lips to his, rubbing against them, licking softly at his mouth, nudging at him, tasting him for the first time, exploratory, delicious. I part my lips against him, he opens his mouth and lets me in. He tastes sweet.

I remove his shirt and the t-shirt under that, undo his belt, he is uncomfortable, shifting positions, I can feel his cock (my cock) hard against me when I press against him. He is tense, his breathing ragged and heavy.

“You are going to wash me,” I tell him, thinking it will allay his fear a little.

“Yes Ma’am,” he whispers, but his apprehension is still palpable.

I kiss him more deeply, he opens his mouth to me, then I am wanting more and violent, and hotly, pulling his head to me and I grab his hands at the back of his head, my other hand at his throat, and I pull him to me, biting and sucking at his mouth, his head in the crook of my neck so he is bent over and below me, awkward, hot, hungry for him. He moans into my mouth, beautiful and desperate. The sound makes me squeeze at his throat, hearing him choke, my mouth over his, my cheek against his nose, stopping him breathing, grabbing at the flesh of his back, digging my fingernails into him. I am violent against him, I feel him giving in, melting into me, and he makes these beautiful sounds in response and they resonate straight to my cunt.

I finally release him, we are both breathing heavily, I walk around with my hands on him, touching his skin, soft, smooth, unmarked.

“Take off your pants and boxers,” I tell him.

I hear him start to comply before I leave the room.

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  1. Dear Sx…no wonder he was scared…smiles i only read your words and your passion and violence scare me|!!
    regards and respect always,

  2. amusoman: I adore seeing fear, I love it when he can be open enough to show it, it is a huge trigger, so ‘scared’ absolutely works for me.


  3. i am in awe at your ability to show the attraction and fear of the relationship – to have the reader drawn in as the character in the story is drawn in, yourd to play with as your will.


  4. Another one so well done. i’m in full and utter agreement with all the other commentators.

    i fell myself shaking as i read the interplay. Your ability to make the reader fell exactly the tension, aniticipation, fear, hopefullness, and pleasure to come is so moving.


  5. lookingaround: “i fell myself shaking as i read the interplay.”

    Shaking is a wonderful reaction! Fear and tension is a huge trigger for me, and it is a special boy that can be open enough to show me that. Feeling it is scary enough, but admitting it and showing it is a deeper level of vulnerability again. Delicious.


  6. “‘Take off your pants and boxers’, I tell him. I hear him start to comply before I leave the room.”

    It would be around that point where I would have something like “Not gonna happen…”.

    No getting naked with women I barely know for me. XD

  7. Brids: “It would be around that point where I would have something like “Not gonna happen…”. No getting naked with women I barely know for me. XD”

    That perfectly illustrates the point I am making here.

    As the dominant, I have to be able to read him well enough to know where I can take him. It's my job to know what his reaction will be before I get there, when I can push, and when I have to pull back.

    It's part of the fun.


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