Weekend with a switch

I’m being treated to a weekend away!!

An American switch friend who I have never met is coming to Australia for work and he is sweetly flying me out to spend the weekend with him.

When he mentioned the possibility a couple of months ago, I sort of shrugged non-committally and said I might be interested. I find that men *say* stuff like that all the time, and for whatever reason it never actually happens, so I don’t place much stock in those sorts of things.

This time, though, I have the plane tickets in hand and a fabulous 5 star hotel has been booked, so… squeeeeee!!

I suspect that some people think this happens with me *all the time*, wonderful men flying me here and there so that they can meet me *waves hand airily*. Trust me, it doesn’t, so I’m excited about it.

I have known the lovely American switch for… um… actually I have no idea how long. We have been in touch on and off for probably well over 12 months, with varying degrees of frequency of emails/IM chat/phone calls over the period. We get along really well, laugh a lot, and seem to have enough in common to make spending some time together seem like it would be fun.

For the romantics out there, he is not a potential for me, he is already attached *cue collective “awwwww”*. Kind of a shame because he is smart, attractive, and a complete sweetheart.

So the get-together is purely platonic, and even though I think he had a little crush in the early stages (heh, let’s see if he pipes up in the comments to say something about that!), I’m sure that has dissipated by now. I sent him some photos yesterday so he would recognise me since I had apparently never sent him any pictures previously (we were just friends, so it was irrelevant before now). Even though I am gorgeous (self rated!) I trust he will not be so overwhelmed by my awesomeness that it will become awkward.

We have no concrete plans really, but I expect it to be a pretty relaxed weekend of enjoying each other’s company, eating, drinking, lots of laughing, and doing a few touristy things. Oh, and we might talk about some kinky stuff, because, you know, common interests and all!


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  1. Oooooo, exciting. Traveling and meeting new people is usually fun. Is the trip somewhere you’ve already done all the touristy stuff? Or do you get to see new stuff, too?

    1. Yes, exciting! I’m not generally a big fan of meeting people, but I do make exceptions from time to time *smile*.

      I’ve been there before, but it’s always fun to go to places again with someone new.


      1. Is one of the said women who doesn’t have a little crush on Ferns.

        It’s HUGE smoochies type crush ;)


  2. Sounds like a fun weekend. I’ve met quite a few friends that I would love to hang out with if they were close or vice versa. You’re doing the careful stuff? right? I mean beautiful woman travels far from home to meet a stranger… no red flags there or anything. Be safe and enjoy!

    1. Yes, about the friends thing! But you know… stupid geography.

      I wonder if HE’S taken safety precautions!!! Because I can be fucking scary! *brandishes champagne and french bread all irresponsible-like*


  3. “Even though I am gorgeous (self rated!)”

    Yes, your ARE gorgeous (me rated)… Trust me on this, I know it when I see it.

    Have a great, fun, and safe (especially safe!) time and I look forward to reading about the details on the blog when you get back.

  4. I hope you will have a very nice vacation.
    Only talking about those mutual interests ?

    If you ever plan on visiting Europa I have a spare bedroom which is not often used ;)

    1. I don’t think a weekend counts as a vacation, but thank you!

      Also thank you for the room offer. I will keep it in mind for my world trip, which will be funded by eager submissives from all corners of the globe who are only too keen to fund my many months worth of luxury travel for the pleasure of meeting me…


  5. You have an unsullied reputation, loved by all who know you, and revered by all who don’t; courted by boys worldwide, and fawned upon by mistresses. People’s faces brighten up when you throw them a tweet.

  6. Whoever it is he is ‘attached’ with must have loads of self-confidence as I personally would not allow it with my slave – because you are far too awesome! And I have a giant ego. And am awesome as well. But still – you would cause jealousy. (I hope that came across correctly…lol…compliment)

  7. I suspect that some people think this happens with me *all the time*, wonderful men flying me here and there so that they can meet me *waves hand airily*. Trust me, it doesn’t, so I’m excited about it.

    Well, judging by how often it happens to me, I’m almost inclined to believe you… except that I remember the essential differences between you and I, and I’m now snorting in derision at my desk.

    Best wishes for an enjoyable weekend, whatever happens.

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