A long overdue body project update

I haven’t talked about my body project since 13th January, so let me catch you up.

I worked my arse off from April 2012 for some 18 months until August last year. I was posting pretty regular bicep shots as progress reports (you can see them in the sidebar over here), and you can see the overall results on the right there. I’m pretty happy with myself (but never happy enough!) *smile*.… Continue Reading

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Workout crew – end of week update

At the beginning of the week, each of the Ferns workout crew members made a commitment to do a certain number of workouts for the week.

Let’s see how see all went against our goals shall we? *puts on glasses, gets out evaluation sheets*

Ferns – 3
DONE! Not my best work with rather light weights and low intensity, but I have a lovely muscle soreness going on, and I went, so a total win!… Continue Reading

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Workout crew – into the new year!

I’m trying something new to kick the Ferns Workout Crew (#fwocrew) into the new year.

I took a look at all of our public workout logs over the weekend and noticed a distinct lack of activity for most of us (me included) in the last few (erm… many?!) weeks. Completely understandable of course: I mean, holidays, Christmas, food, booze, travel etc. Mysticlez218 has been the standout with consistently awesome gym-going and good eating … Continue Reading

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Back shot

Do you know how hard it is to show off back muscles? Yeah, really hard.

Still, I managed it by pretending to do lat pullups on some outdoor equipment in the park.

So, RAAWWWRRRR!!!… Continue Reading

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Body project – pro shots

Bicep August 2013 tiny
I did a photo shoot last week and the set included a bunch of muscle-shots, which are a *vast* improvement on my usual rubbish-light-and-angle selfies.

Though when I say ‘muscle-shots’, I am being somewhat generous and might better describe them as ‘trying-to-show-off-muscle shots’.


Bicep August 2013 tinyEven though I’m not big, I DO see some fabulous muscle definition when I’m avatar-sized (see right with the distinct bicep, deltoid, lat, whatever-they-are muscles being visible there), and then I … Continue Reading

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Sex aggression energy

The gym is not busy, mid morning. The session is fine. Nothing special. Drop sets. Chest, back, arms. I’m lifting heavier than I have before. This makes me happy.

I work hard enough to get kitten arms, where everything trembles, right down to the tips of my fingers which shake when I enter stats into the app I use.

I finish and feel a build up of energy as I get water, mix up a … Continue Reading

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Body project update number something or other

I’m pretty much back into a steady gym-going routine after struggling for a while. At the moment, that means three times to the gym and twice to Pilates each week. Motivation-wise I am doing okay, so I’m happy about that. I still want to get bigger and more defined, though I am pretty sure that that will require a level of Herculean effort that I am not willing to put in.

I’m still eating pretty … Continue Reading

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