Him: Since my face is there [on a profile he just shared with me] I’ll note I am 23 years young, so hold your ‘potential’ horses. *smile*

Me: [after taking a look] Well aren’t you adorable *smile*!
I had picked you for much older when you first commented – you seem to have an easy confidence that generally comes with maturity (not age, necessarily).
I halted the horses. Anyway, how do you know they were even out, hmmm?

Him: I just knew.
(Thank you *beam*)

Me: *laugh* I will neither confirm nor deny that they were or were not out, were or were not saddled, were or were not bridled, were or were not about to be cropped, fed, stirruped (is SO a word!), petted or otherwise handled.
And you’re welcome.

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  1. It ‘s exciting, how good you can handle ”your horses”… Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising, given your hot-tempered ”amazonian” attitude, but I still feel deeply impressed and imposed…

    1. *smile* Thank you. When you have a herd of wild horses (like I apparently do!), you do have to get good at controlling them. They will run amok otherwise!


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