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Hello Dave,

Thank you for the compliments, I do appreciate it. And it’s such a shame, I really liked your approach. You seem smart, funny, and possibly awesome.

But here’s the thing: You have lied to me once already. So now I can’t believe anything you say.

I gave you a chance to tell me that the torso shot is not of you. I know it’s a shot of Channing Tatum. I had hoped that you would just say so when I asked. Instead you pretended it was you.

I don’t know why you did that, but a lie like that isn’t really a way to start a relationship that is based on trust now, is it?

Either your body is close enough to that photo that you hoped I wouldn’t notice, or it is nothing like that and you have no intention of meeting me ever because you would obviously be found out. Either way, a lie is a lie. So now I don’t believe that you are 36, 5’11, have a great job, aren’t in a relationship already… I can’t believe any of that now.

And this, Dave, is why I’m single.


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  1. I like the way you responded to him. You explained, in basic terms, not only what he did wrong, but the effect it had on you. Apparently he doesn’t know about google image search either!

    I don’t know if he learned anything from it, but to someone with an open mind and a real desire to be successful, that should have been a very effective lesson.

    1. I have to give the guy credit: After I called him out, he confessed a few other lies and then changed his profile to reflect all of the truths.

      Though it didn’t change my mind about his potential. Willingness to lie unless caught is an integrity issue that doesn’t go away because they fix it when caught.


  2. It is a shame that people feel the need to lie. I tell people outright no the pictures I put up are nothing like what I look like they are just photos of things I love.

    However, I disagree. The reason you are single is because someone perfect for you is out there waiting to be found. *smiles*


    1. “The reason you are single is because someone perfect for you is out there waiting to be found.”

      Well, he should just hurry the fuck up. I haven’t got all day!


  3. Exactly! I can’t fathom why so many people lie. Seems like the more upfront and honest I am, the more lies I get. blah.

    However, now I’m wanting to do a Google search for Channing Tatum…


    1. I generally believe whatever people tell me (unless they are behaving oddly), but doing a reverse image search is de rigeur for me if the picture is too pretty.

      I’m still naively shocked by lies from men who pretend to be seriously interested. I’m hoping I hang onto that and don’t get cynical.


  4. So sad. I understand why people lie. But I really wish they wouldn’t. I’ve been through that with so many people it’s not even funny. I always hope they learn it’s best not to lie and *not* that they need to cover their tracks better. :/

    In any event, if calling people on their lies makes for a single life then I suppose I’d better start collecting cats.

    1. I’m right there with you on the cats (though mine will be imaginary because I can’t be trusted to look after other living creatures…).


  5. Can you forward the Channing Tatum picture? I want to use it for my profile, seeing as “Dave” is done with it.

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