Well hello, vanilla man

After a lot of sage advice in my comments and on twitter, I did indeed invite the vanilla man to come and have a drink with me.

Hi vanilla man: If you’re interested in a drink down at [where I live] sometime, let me know. I can offer stellar views: we can compare :).
-Sharyn (the tall blonde, pink sarong, [my dad’s] daughter
(if you don’t remember who I am, let’s both just pretend that you never got this, mmkay? :P

The ‘we can compare’ relates to him giving me a tour of his unfinished house when I was there: The top deck had a stunning view out over the water.

So I did the thing. And we will see.

It will be utterly anti-climactic if he just never replies. If that’s the case, I will feel like some melodramatic over-actor in a bad soap opera… *faints dramatically onto a chaise lounge*

Edited to add: Aaanndd, a reply about an hour and a half later…

Of course I remember who this is, the young lady whose father I was talking to last week asking him if the beautiful young lady who came for the house tour was really his daughter. I would love to catch up for a drink and compare the view. This weekend may be out, I’ve got worse plans on but have committed. There is a possibility on Sunday after lunch if you’re available if I can sort out doing the ‘have to’ stuff to doing the ‘want to’ stuff.

I would note that he is younger than me, so the ‘young lady’ thing is a complete delight.

So let’s see shall we?

Loves: 18
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  1. I hope you can quiet the part of your mind that wants to run this out into future scenarios, and just enjoy the moment.

    1. Given how rarely I actually date, I’m calling it a ‘yay’ also. Even if he ends up being awful, I’m giving myself points for the valiant attempt :).


      1. Yay!

        We already know he is not awful… he didn’t ditch his less fun commitment.
        Gives you all the gold stars for valiant attempt!

        1. True: Plus I know he’s been very kind to strangers, so yeah…

          *puts all the gold stars on my forehead*


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