After the sunshine

Hello sunshine,

I wanted to drop you a longer note to say thank you for such a great visit.

You are such a lovely thing and it is rare for me that I didn’t feel like I had to hide in my cave to recover from spending time with someone.

I know how hard you worked to make sure that I was happy and comfortable and I see it and I really appreciate that.

Your company was fun, your hosting was immaculate, your cooking was great, and the rempeyek was such a special treat.

I love the way you take direction: With a willingness and an open-hearted enthusiasm. I know it’s part of how you are, and it’s rare. I am sure I have told you that before. But I’m saying it again.

The kissing was my favourite, also cuddles* and the rope and massage and getting to introduce you to different sensations, and horny-sunshine is so much fun. And you looked so good in cuffs.
(*that’s NOT how cuddles work!)

I so enjoyed you: you are a complete delight and thank you for sharing your time and your sweetness and your submission with me.


Loves: 28
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  1. Those words are so beautiful and I’m sure Your sweet boy is in ecstasy reading them. As You well know, it’s such a deep, deep joy for us to please our Ladies, and it seems he did just that! I may be new to the BDSM lifestyle (just over a year), but I can imagine the warmth, the the completion, the total ecstasy of knowing he has given You such pleasure. Just wonderful.


  2. What a wonderful note! Not needing to find alone time and recover, WOW, I can relate as a fellow introvert, that is saying something!

    Best Wishes!


  3. I’m so glad you had a great time I’m doing an internal happy dance for you – Yayz!

    And as a fellow (but perhaps lesser) introvert, I get it too. To paraphrase a commercial…

    …not needing alone time to recover afterwards? Priceless!

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