Hot Sunshine

Four days with Sunshine over New Year’s.

Hot moments, snippets, memories.

I text him from bed, “Brush your teeth and come here.”

“Yes, Ma’am :)”

Play, with rope. Not explicitly sexual, intimate. Different ties, those ones I have no skill in. Close and slow and following instructions.

Feeling how his body is built, how it bends, where it resists, pushing against it.

A hog-tie where I could pull a rope and rock him, chest to knees.

Soft moans when I forced something tight, constricting his body against itself.

Wetness, his boxers, probably on the floor also.

Because yes.

Sensation, spiky, sharp. A wheel, a claw, watching his skin redden.

Reactions more from shock than pain, but react he did. Even when it wasn’t a surprise any more.

A gasp, a body-jerk, as if some jolt went through him.

Not pleasure, not pain, some involuntary reaction to something new.

Over and again.

Kissing. So much kissing.

“Your lips are so soft, how are they so soft, just one more…”

Luxurious and leisurely.

Hardness, his cock against my thigh, his desire and need a plaything, palpable. Skin and skin.

“I want to make you come with my mouth.”

A pause, a look, a smile. “I believe you.”

Cuffs, a small ritual, powerful.

“Come kneel for me.”

His smiling face turned up to me, all open and warm. Kisses.

Black leather cuffs fitted onto his wrists, the tightness checked, a moment of connection.

They suit him, a blossoming, he skips around in them. A symbol of more.

Flogging, his first. Tied to the bed. Gentle. Exploratory.

“What level? Tell me.”

“3, maybe a 4.”

“I’m going to get you up to a 7.”

He nods. I build up slowly.

The full body jerk, learning to read him.

“Did that hurt?”

“No Ma’am, I just…” He doesn’t know. His body is a stranger to him in this.

“7 now?”

“Yes, yes Ma’am.”

“Okay, five more here, at 7…”

He takes them easily.

“He looks up at me. Is that a workout for you?”

I laugh. “No. It’s a workout if I go hard.”

I can tell from his face he can’t really imagine that.

I strike the bed beside him with force. He flinches, then nods.

“Do you want to feel a 10?”

He looks at me, a pause. “Yes please.”

I raise my eyebrows. “A 10?”


I smile. “Okay.”

I do one hard strike across his back, not yet full force.

His body jerks as if electrocuted.

“Was that a 10?”

He looks back at me, a nervous laugh. “Maybe a 9?”

I laugh also. “Okay, another then.”

He nods.

I put some force behind this one, it’s loud in the room, his body lifts off the bed.

I touch him then. “A 10?”

“Um, that was… yeah.”

He sees now.

My fingers dipping into my wetness then into his mouth.

My lips so close, I can smell myself, faint, musky.

Whispers. “Probably doesn’t taste like much.”

His eyes are closed, he sucks whatever there is of me into his throat, he doesn’t answer.

A hand on the back of his neck when we are out in the world.

A little squeeze.

His head bows for a second at the touch.

Then he comes back.

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  1. Why does all this sound oh so perfect? Oh right, because you are perfect!

    Someday I hope to have what you and Sunshine have. Even if it’s just for a weekend. You truly deserve the best and I am glad you had such enjoyable sexy times together!

  2. That was most effectively written. Very strong and a kind of “Impressionism,” providing just enough detail at key moments to allow the reader to fill in the rest with imagination. It also sounds like one hell of a great way to start a New Year, for you both.

    1. *laugh* Well to my comment above: heart rate and cock reaction are decent barometers for hot writing… I’m glad you liked it.

      No caning, though: flogging.


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