And so it goes

We were both upset, he was sorry…

I whispered to him, “I know you did your best, your very best for me, for as long as you could…”

And then, he cried.

Later, after he was gone, I cried also.

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  1. Sky, Faith:

    Thank you both for your kind comments. I am sorry for us both also and can hardly bear to re-read this post at the moment.


  2. Oh dear, just reading that made me cringe inside.
    Best thoughts and wishes for both of you, I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Wish there was more to say.
    Take care.
    ~ Chí

  3. Chí: “Best thoughts and wishes for both of you…”

    Thank you so much for the good wishes. And no, there's really not a lot to say about it, but I do appreciate your kind thoughts.


  4. Brids: “And then even later after that, I cried. >.<" I'm sorry dear Brids, I should have sent you a warning! Still, a sadness shared is a sadness halved isn't it? So I should feel better any time now. Thank you. Ferns

  5. MistressKimm: “It is the good ones that hurt the most.”

    *smile* Yes, they will break your heart and make you miss them as they do it…


  6. Brids: “I don't feel any better…”

    Yeah, me either… what's up with that?! The theory was sound… I don't know what happened!


  7. Ferns, even though I only “know” you through a handful of written exchanges, I do feel for you, and I'm sorry to hear things didn't work out.

  8. Tom: “…I do feel for you, and I'm sorry to hear things didn't work out”

    Thanks Tom… sometimes kind words from internet folks whose lives you peek into are just the ticket.


  9. robert: “My heart goes out to you.”

    I appreciate it very much robert… best to be careful though, I tend to break the ones in my vicinity. Pure carelessness on my part, I admit…


    1. *smile* Hearts can be troublesome like that.

      I still feel a twinge when I read some of these back also. The twinge now is not painful, more like a long-healed stitch with the thread still in it… it pulls a little is all.


    1. *warm smile* I appreciate that.

      I don’t think you need to worry – I don’t cry easily (unless you count sad movies and emo moments of irrationality, which I don’t, of course!).


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