Cover colour for newest book: Input please [Poll Closed]

I’m trying to get my newest ‘How To’ Femdom guide done in the next week or so: The book is “How to Make Your First BDSM Scene Amazing” and it’s my first one for newbie dominant women.

I’m again using fabulous cover art by the talented Submissive Guy Comics, but I’m stuck on the colour and would love your input.

Initially I wanted to make the cover pink because it’s bright and fabulous. But then I worried that since it’s my first guide for women, people would think I did ‘pink because girls’ which I didn’t. But even just the sniff of perpetuating that stereotype really bothers me.

On the other hand ‘pink for femdoms’ is totally subversive, amirite?

So then my brain hurt and I tried yellow instead.


I’m putting all three of the ‘How To’ Femdom Series in the images below so you can see them as a set.

So, for “How to Make Your First BDSM Scene Amazing”, should I do yellow or pink: What do you think (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?! :P)?



Thank you so much to everyone who participated. Pink it is!


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  1. I think pink because I don’t see why there would be an assumption that this one’s for the ladies particularly. In fact there seems to be an idea that it often tends to be the male that first wants to introduce kink into a relationship. Anyhow, that’s by-the-by because I don’t think pink should be considered taboo for women due to perceived anti feminist connotations. All power to women to enjoy any colour they choose! Plus, pink is probably considered feminine as it’s the colour of the female genitalia, which I think sounds kosher – I don’t mean we ‘define’ women by those parts, I mean more in terms of celebrating a symbol of female power in the same sort of way as with the Yoni in the sacred sexuality philosophies of Eastern traditions, and in inverted triangles in Paganism, and so on.

    Also, it’s not like it’s even particularly a sweetie girlie pink, it’s more of an 80s shocking pink. Like a pair of leg warmers that might have been worn by, say, Bananarama.

    So yeah, I say pink. :)

  2. I prefer the pink. Firstly, I am not a fan of the yellow even in isolation (too bright IMO). Secondly, I think the pink looks better next to the previous two books.

    ‘Pink is for girls’ is just modern junk anyway. Pink used to be for men and it will probably go full circle again in the future (as a fellow Aussie, you may remember the push on manly ‘salmon’ shirts a few years back — it was totally not pink!!). You should do what you want and not be worried that people will read too much into the colour of the cover. Heck, you talk about “tying your boy down and whipping him” in there, so people can hardly accuse you of subverting female empowerment by using pink!

    As an aside, I paint miniatures as a hobby. I give many of them bright and unnatural hair colours, because I can. I have male figures with pink hair (and blue and green, etc). It does not make them look less male in my eyes.

    1. I meant to say “you *probably* talk about […] in there,” I have not hacked your system and read your book before you published it ;)

      1. Bahahaha!

        Yes, I know ‘pink is for girls’ is junk BUT it’s still a pervasive stereotype so I’m wary of inadvertently perpetuating it. Overthinking :/.


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