Share Our Shit Saturday #3 #SOSS

This #SOSS meme is a reaction to social media platforms silencing creators of adult content.

I’m making a more concerted effort to share talented and interesting people’s work, and at times I’m going to step out of the F/m domain for it because the impact of making sex bloggers and writers invisible is wide.

Her exists and she is us by Ava Ex Machina

Voluntary feminization #14 by Alex Law

Eyes on the prize by Paltego

What it Feels Like to Hurt a Man Until it Makes You Have an Orgasm by Bitchy Jones (yes her blog has been dead for a million years: I don’t care. She was writing brutal truths about femdom before anyone and it’s the realest shit you’ll ever read)

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  1. Thanks so much for the Bitchy link–it reminded me that I badly need to do a reread of everything of hers I can find.

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