Spiky shoes

Sometimes, they are just for fun…

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  1. ServingB: “For fun, yes. For bending over without shredding your shins, not so much.”

    *smile* well, it's hard to do much damage with suede… unless it's in a flogger and then only if it has metal tips, or something… just sayin'… ummmm… never mind.


  2. Oh suede makes a lot more sense. The tops looked “sharp and pointy” so I assumed they were harder material. What you say makes perfect sense.

  3. ID: “…the droolong problem has returned after seeing that picture.”

    I'm terribly sorry to hear that, ID.

    *offers bib*


  4. Those are Superheroine shoes. You need an all-in-one outfit to go with them. In something shiny, natch. And a mask. And bright red lippy. And some sort of ugly monster to fight.


  5. Anonymous XXXXXXX: “Those are Superheroine shoes…”

    Ha! They totally are! I also need theme music, and, of course, superpowers would be good. I'm thinking the 'Aura of Dommeliness' where everyone just does what I say because, well, I said so!

    “Stop, thief!”
    “Errrmmm… yes Ma'am…”


  6. I just have to, -have to- say they are the most fabulous shoes.

    And that you have fabulous feet, my dear lady.

  7. Cain: “I just have to, -have to- say they are the most fabulous shoes.”

    Aren't they great?! I am inordinately pleased with myself over them…

    “And that you have fabulous feet, my dear lady.”

    Thank you very much for the lovely compliment.


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