A second chance

The 23 year old landed back in my inbox around the beginning of May, he had had a birthday, his profile showed he was 24 now.

He was a little cautious with me, but still the same articulate, curious boy. Just a little less bouncy.

He’d had a couple of service experiences with different dominants in the ensuing time, but said he kept coming back to our conversations, stressed how important they were to him, thanked me for what he learnt from them. I suspect I was the only one who challenged him, who wanted to talk to him to see what made him tick, who saw service as a kind of exchange, who took the time to see if there was something worth pursuing.

As I said, I wasn’t angry with him and I was genuine in my offer to keep in touch. I was happy enough to speak with him further. He is sweet and obviously smart and so very inquisitive.

He, again, offered his service, and after a few weeks of consistent communication I felt comfortable enough to say that I would consider it. Again. The fact that he had met with other dominants meant that he had at least a little exposure, and despite our false start, I had no doubt that he was fundamentally sincere.

At one point I had to rein in his enthusiasm so that he didn’t get ahead of himself. I pointed him to this post about puppying. “I am a puppy it seems :),” he wrote. I’m a sucker for some puppying.

Last weekend, I met with him. I trusted that he would show up, but I was still cautious. I asked for a text when he left home and a text when he arrived at the bar. I said I wasn’t going to leave home until I knew he was there.

He did exactly as I asked. Sent a text when he left his home (well before he needed to), he arrived early, sent me another text to let me know he was there. I told him to grab a particular table and get a bottle of water, which he did.

He was travelling this week. Asked if I would like a pic. Why yes, yes I would…

He’s 6′ tall, better looking than his photos in which he is clearly well-built with an innocently young face. In person he looks… not older exactly, but more mature: his face less openly naive, his eyes a frank pale blue. He’s extroverted, opinionated, smart, a good conversationalist.

When I indicated my empty water glass he sheepishly filled it. When my wine glass was empty, he didn’t ask if I wanted another. He is not used to these little niceties. It’s okay, I have no doubt he is a quick learner.

We talked easily for about an hour and a half before he let me know that he had to get going soon. We touched very little on D/s, too busy with other topics. I consider that a good sign.

When we walked out, I put my hand gently on the back of his warm neck. Some small contact. He told me later that it made him want to fall to his knees at my feet *swoon*. Outside, I asked for a hug before we parted. I reminded him to send me a note telling me how he thought it went.

I sent him a text soon afterwards thanking him for making the drive to come and see me. I liked him enough to introduce a play element: On a whim, I suggested that he extend the self-imposed chastity that we had briefly discussed.

“If your target was 3 days and you’re now at 4, you should just make it 5 :)”

He thanked me for not allowing him to come, called me ‘Ma’am’.

His follow-up email was very positive, his communication is excellent, he’s attentive and sweet and super eager. We are talking about when we can organise his first service visit. This weekend looks like it’s not going to work, so perhaps an afternoon during the week.

Also did I mention that he’s hellishly cute? He is. It will be a pleasure to watch him doing half naked chores in my house.

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    1. Ha! Oh, there are. Many many, and many of them are completely lovely.

      But only the pick of the eye candy pics make it onto my blog. Because pretty, and I like to share the pretty… :)


    1. *smile* I like him too. Though the real test will be his first service visit. And I don’t mean ‘test of his service skills’, I really mean ‘test of how it works for us’.

      I’ve never had any kind of service submissive before and I’m still a little sceptical: it needs to feel sweet for both of us. It will be interesting to see how it works.


  1. This sounds great! He seems to be intelligent, and eager to please, and perhaps (here comes the romantic in me) a relationship that starts slowly, wirthout a romantic component, can grow into something more substantial, over time… Hey, ya never know.

    1. Thanks *smile*.

      As for the romantic bit, not that I’m being ageist or anything, but the truth is that unless someone that young is running at me with huge heart-eyes (he’s not), I’m 100% going to assume he’s not romantically interested. Because it feels super creepy-old-lady-being-creepy if it comes from my side. Even though he’s obviously a grown man.

      And that’s true even if there might be sexual interest: The two aren’t really related.

      Interesting really. And probably totally ageist.


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