Face fuck

You in a darkened room, alone, tied up.
Hands together, ankles together.
You are kneeling.
You are waiting.
And waiting.

The door opens.

Light from the room beyond blinds you; seems you have been there quite a while.
You squint, shield your eyes, see a silhouette, that’s all.

The door closes, dark again.

Three long strides and you are shoved backwards from your kneel.
Your tied hands are pulled up over your head, you shuffle as you are dragged backwards.
You try to follow the tugging at your arms, unsure what you are supposed to do.
The hands pull you back towards the floor, you shift quickly to lie on your back.
A kick to your side causes you to exhale sharply, shock more than hurt.

A weight on your chest, warm, someone sitting on you.

You smell pussy.

A hand grips your hair tightly, pulls your head up off the floor.
Someone moans, maybe it’s you.
Thighs on either side of your head.
Your mouth already open, tongue out.

A cunt lowers onto your mouth, slides against your lips.
You lap, bury your tongue in the folds, a musky rich scent fills your nostrils.
You play softly and gently at licking, your lips nuzzle against the wetness.
Your hair is pulled hard to move your head where it needs to go.
You lick whatever is in front of your mouth.
You find her clit, you suck it into your mouth.
You hear a gasp.

Your head is smacked back into the floor, you grunt.
A casual blow to your cheek.
Your head rocks to the side.
You whisper a silent apology.
Another blow regardless.
You whimper.
Lick your lips, stick your tongue out again.

Her cunt lowers onto your face.
The taste again makes you moan into her.
She moves against you.
You try and pick up her rhythm.
Her weight gets heavier against your face, you take little breaths when you can.

You make your tongue flat, feeling the smoothness of her labia slick against you.
She slides against your tongue, splitting her cunt with it, pausing as you hit her clit.
You stick your tongue out further, offering, to see if she wants to fuck it.
You try desperately to fuck her with it, to stick your tongue into her.
Your face covered in wetness, you gasp for air when she gives you space.

She lifts a little, you feel her clit against your lips, try to get the right angle to lap at it.
You flick your tongue against it.
You hear her make a sound far above you, you lick right there.
Your tongue now knows where to flick and tries to find that spot over and again.
She pulls you into her, smothering your face with her cunt.
She bucks against you, the grip in your hair keeping your mouth hard up against her.

She fucks your face relentlessly, like it’s a thing she got to fuck.

Finally, the rocking gets faster, the pressure against your mouth almost unbearable.
You struggle to breathe.
The grip in your hair excruciatingly tight, hair pulled out by the roots.
You feel thigh muscles tensing against your head.
Keeping your tongue right there, on that spot.

She fucks your face thoughtlessly, short hard strokes.
You can’t breathe, your body starts to rebel against it.
She suddenly makes a lot of noise, pulls your face hard up into her cunt, squeezes her thighs around your head.
Your face smashes into her cunt, mouth open, trying to breathe.
She bucks against you, unconscious final spasms, slowing.

The grip in your hair loosens, you get a sliver of space.

You suck in air desperately, gasping loudly.

You hear her sigh.

She lets go of your hair, your head falls back to the floor with a thump.
She wipes the slick wetness of her cunt on your chest.
The weight lifts from your body.

You hear footsteps walking away from you.
The door opens, a flash of light, then gone as the door shuts again.

You are alone, in the dark.

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  1. Ferns I just have to ask you. To her it's a thing she got to fuck. That says she’s near to release. And so it comes. Then …footsteps… …walking away… …gone… …alone, in the dark… …Waiting.
    Then what? What is he to her? Does she want to untie him? Does she want to hug him? Does she want to kiss him? Does she want to fuck his brains out? Does she want to make him come? What does she feel now?


  2. Anonymous: “This is sooooo much better than pr0n.”

    Thank you! Though I think this can reasonably be called porn.

    “Also, if you had written Zork III The Dungeon Master (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zork_III), I clearly would've finished that game. No, wait. Let's be honest. I'd still be playing it.”

    Geekiness in a porn comment. Love!

    Tom: You too? Geeking in a porn comment!?

    I love me some geeks.


  3. DC: “Holy shit that's hot!”

    Blasphemy and swearing… that's a great compliment, thank you.

    “Beyond that, I'm a bit speechless (and ummmm preoccupied. ;) )”

    You? Speechless?! Shocker!


  4. Her Majesty's Plaything: “Face meltingly hot! Ferns indeed! :-P”

    *laugh* “Face meltingly”? That sounds a little scary, I like it.


  5. Satan: “Ferns I just have to ask you… Then what?”

    Well, that is up to you and your imagination, so the answer is 'whatever you want'. You get to draw that part however you want.

    Alternatively, this is a snippet of my NaNo writing… maybe you will just have to get the book when I finish it… heh.


  6. Ferns i don't know about the Dommes but for this sub that is so hot.
    i could feel the heat of the Domme as i read. Oh to be him.


  7. Sx..as always so wonderfully violent and hot!!

    You are still the sexiest pyshopath i know !! regards and respect always,

  8. Mmmh, tasty and sexy! And no dicks involved, leaves room for a girl's imagination and easy to identify with the subject though female, which makes it even hotter. ;)

    Though you mixed up breath/breathe two times. ;)

  9. Anonymous: “…as always so wonderfully violent and hot!!”

    Pfffttt… hardly violent at all!

    “You are still the sexiest pyshopath i know !! regards and respect always…”

    I know 'pyshopath' means 'magnificent woman', so I'll take it… *laugh*


  10. N: “Mmmh, tasty and sexy! And no dicks involved…”

    No dicks! I should leave dicks out more often, but I do like them.

    “Though you mixed up breath/breathe two times. ;)”

    Doh! How embarrassing… thank you! *quietly fixes it and slinks away sheepishly*


  11. Ferns said… “‘Then what?’ Well, that is up to you and your imagination,”

    Ok, I think she is just playing mean.

    Or else she is mean.

    She keeps him down there thirsty for pussy. Why because that’s what they both enjoy. Then maybe she is not mean. She is playing at being mean.

    Then she could be mean.

    But you are not mean.

    So my guess is its play.

    On the other hand, maybe she is mean.

    Yes let her be mean. Let him suffer more.

    But then again, ok.

    Yes please send me a copy of your book.


  12. Now if only I could find a way to trade places with that guy! Oops, there I go letting my inside thoughts escape again. Haha

    Another great piece! Thank you for publishing this! :)

  13. Does this darkened room have any openings? I know a boy that would love to be there.

    Yes, I know… I’m commenting like crazy tonight.

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