Weekend with my First, by my First

My First just left a comment about our weekend on my last post about it.

Since a) I know how much I love it when I get to hear both sides of a story and b) it’s so lovely and c) I haven’t written anything about it (yet), I’m posting his comment here.

A glimpse, as fascinating to me as to anyone else.


There may be some people wondering how this weekend turned out. Ferns will most likely write a blog post summarizing her perspective on events.

For me… I’m struggling to express the profound impact that she has had. Intense, beautiful, confronting, passionate, challenging… and so many more thoughts.

I’ve lost a lot of sleep since, my mental processes in overload. Coming out of a long term vanilla relationship, our reunion was exactly what I needed to remind me of who I was and am. And to wake me the fuck up from a long slumber.

To the Sex Voiced Texan who elected not to pursue something with Ferns: I understand the fear you may have had, and your decision in not following through in meeting her. But you will never understand just what an amazing opportunity you denied yourself.

Her First


Phew. So lovely!! *smile*

While our past is our past, I do keep thinking what a gift this reconnection is, and what a turnaround it is from all of the hurtful history that he was carrying with him when he first got in touch. I’m so very glad.

I’ve written a few little snippets on twitter about it, and as my First hinted at: it was a wonderful and interesting weekend. I’ll gather my thoughts and over-share (as usual) soon.

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  1. I’m *SO* looking forward to that. I have always loved reading your insites, and beautifully painted word pictures.

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