Reader Q&A: Am I being scammed?

I’m newly introduced to potential fem dom /sex slave thing, and after receiving couple email tasks, very hot pictures and a 1min long video clip, I’m tempted to get in. My mistress(she wants me to call her such) is now asking for training kit fee of $1200 for equipment and toys via western union, moneygram or interact -e-transfer.

Is this normal or scam?

She seems very good at what she’s doing in manipulating my mind, … Continue Reading

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He makes me laugh

“Sharyn, you know I would NEVER tell you you’re wrong…” he pauses, tilts his head and gives me the biggest smile, a mega-watt light-up-the-world kind of smile. “But…”


I take a screenshot.

Then he goes on to tell me how and why I’m wrong *laugh*.

“That’s my ‘get out of trouble’ smile,” he tells me later.

It’s become a joke with us now.

“Sharyn, you know I would NEVER tell you no…” *mega-watt Continue Reading

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In this moment…

afterwards kissing
– from ‘Afterwards, kissing’

So strange when I read some of my old posts. Many are born from grand passion, pinpoint-glimpses of bright intensity, and I see those moments through a veil of detachment now. Like they were experienced by a different person. And I also see them anew, and I think ‘Yes, that!’ as if those memories weren’t something I ever had myself, as if they were someone else’s, something to covet from afar.… Continue Reading

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Do what you say you will do

I’ve said this before in different ways, but I’m going to say it again.

What I expect from potential submissives, or even submissive men I am just flirting with, is that they do what they say they will do. Every time. Reliably. Without fail.

Hell, I apply that rule to everyone, but with *other* people, I don’t really care either way. Do it, don’t do it, whatever. No skin off my nose.

With a submissive … Continue Reading

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