Afterwards, kissing

I love to kiss him when he is endorphined up and blissed, when everything in him is made soft and his eyes are glazed. He would be happy to lie there with me and float away, but when I touch his cheek he turns to face me, not really looking, not really, he is elsewhere, but I know he feels the feather-like touch through the haze.

His mouth is made so gentle when he is like this, his lips cushiony-soft and relaxed, and sometimes his tongue slips out to touch the tender skin there, abused and sore. In this state, he is innocent of the impact it has, the gesture oddly childlike.

If I pet his cheek, bring my face closer, he comes back, blinks slowly, and focusses on me, and in his look I see myself reflected back. In this moment, I am all the gods of fear and violence, and I am beauty and love and I swear that if I pushed a little harder, he would cry, or I would, perhaps both.

I touch my lips to his and I feel him shift into it, soft grazing touches, so as not to shock him out of his pillowy dream, his mouth slack at first, accepting and giving. I pull his face to me and slide closer to him, wanting his hot wet skin against me. He starts to shift to meet me, and we move together, scissoring our legs, and I make one fluid movement into him, to bring our hips together, to fit into him, to touch him everywhere, I wrap his head in my arms, tilt his face up to me.

And when I bring my mouth to his again, it is like we have never kissed before, like it is the first time over and over. He makes small sounds of wonder and aching desire, even though he is still not there with me. My mouth explores his lips gently, my tongue lapping at him softly, a foray into his dreamy state, and his surrender feels like drifting down into the depths of a quiet dark lake.

He whispers a tiny, “Please” at me, and I know he is asking for anything and everything, and nothing, all at the same time. I whisper, “Yes” into his mouth in a kiss and he sighs contentedly and melts himself into me.

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  1. Lovely post. It brings to mind a wonderful period of time that I shared with someone special quite some years ago. The memory of it still fills me full of happy.

  2. Wrapping, tilting, kissing, melting… contentment. Then return to step 1 and begin anew.

    Lovely post!


  3. That was beautiful. Just a lovely post.

    Brings back many happy memories of being in that blissed out state, drunk on endorphins and completely vulnerable.


    1. *smile* I hope she does, just quietly. Also, she whispered in my ear that she prefers to be called by her full name, Angela Anaïs Juana Antolina Rosa Edelmira Nin y Culmell.


  4. I am a new and learning Domme and am close to tears on finding a writng that completely describes the exact feeling of tenderness and closeness i experiance after Play with my is like that ‘kissing afterwards’ epitomises the emotional relationship between a Domme and her sub. Thank you for the writing and expression. I look forward to reading the rest of Your blog.

    1. Thank you for ignoring my lack of gramatical expression ;)… and re-read – “Thank you for the writing and expressing something so personal to me”…

    2. I’m so glad you could relate, and thank you for commenting. I’m always delighted when other women go ‘me too!’, it always makes me feel a kinship of shared experience.

      And I didn’t see *any* grammatical errors… *whistles and looks elsewhere*.


    1. “That’s a beautiful description of a truly special moment.”

      *smile* Thank you!

      “I want to kiss my boy like that *now*.”

      Oh, I so hope you did! For my part, I want to have a boy who I can kiss like that right *now*.



  5. Mmmmmmm… So lovely! I could see my own submissive as I read your words. Great memories…made over and over again! ~ Vista

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