He makes me laugh

“Sharyn, you know I would NEVER tell you you’re wrong…” he pauses, tilts his head and gives me the biggest smile, a mega-watt light-up-the-world kind of smile. “But…”


I take a screenshot.

Then he goes on to tell me how and why I’m wrong *laugh*.

“That’s my ‘get out of trouble’ smile,” he tells me later.

It’s become a joke with us now.

“Sharyn, you know I would NEVER tell you no…” *mega-watt smile*
“Sharyn, you know I would NEVER [something something]…” *mega-watt smile*

It makes me laugh. HE makes me laugh.

I put that snapshot of him up on screen when I’m recording a response to him so I can see his face (we still send audio files across the world). Every time I look at it, it makes me smile. Without fail. Not just because ‘phew, that killer smile’, but because it’s infectious, and because it reminds me how he makes me laugh in that easy way that some people do. It makes me happy. And sometimes when I’m talking to him about a topic that requires concentration, I glance at it, and I get so distracted it makes me lose my train of thought. Which is frustrating and hilarious and lovely.

I’m trying to imagine what I’d be like sitting across from him over a drink. Perhaps I just have to have him sit beside me so I don’t have to look at him: Close though, thighs touching, warm through jeans, I can nudge him with my knee from time to time to make sure I have his attention. I’m not sure that would make it any more likely that my brain cells would keep firing though.

Are we talking about meeting up for that drink? Yes, we are.

It’s not definite yet, but he has a plan (I do love a man who makes plans), and he has shown that he’s a man who means what he says so I believe that if we keep going down this road, he will do whatever needs to be done from his side to make it happen. It will take a little while for his plan to come together and we have much to explore between now and then, so I’m keeping my expectations (of him/this/meeting/everything) low for the moment. It’s hard to quiet the glimmering hope, though, because he’s quite the thing, and jesus, have you seen him?

But the possibility is on the table, and that’s no small thing.

Loves: 9
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    1. *smile* It’s vague talk, and much has to happen between now and then, so I’m putting it in the ‘we’ll see’ basket for now.

      And I’d be envious too if I wasn’t on the receiving end of it :).


    1. *laugh* Well, you’ll have a while to wait: the time between ‘talking about it’ and ‘taking action’ is up in the air, so you are wise not to get too excited…


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