My sent emails XXXVII

[The following email was in response to my personal ad on a site that allows you to choose your kinks from drop down lists. I did not choose any.]

From: 23yo_femdom_who_I_don’t_know:

“I would have thought ‘having your shit together’ – on your part – included being capable of listing your kinks.”

Hello 23yo_femdom_who_I_don’t_know,

I think you are confusing ‘being capable of’ with ‘wanting to’. Easy mistake to make if you aren’t all that bright.

I’d also reconsider your criteria for assessing whether someone has their shit together or not if I were you. Seriously, if you consider selecting a bunch of kinks from random drop down lists on a website to be the definitive measure of whether someone is emotionally, mentally, and financially stable, I think you are probably going to run into some problems.

Good luck!


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  1. Ahh the internet… Allowing random people without a brain to send mindless messages at will.

    Is it wrong to pity the species? Or want to nuke the areas they live in from orbit?

    1. *laugh* I just find it so completely bizarre and hilarious that some random person feels justified, nay compelled, to write such a message to a stranger who is utterly irrelevant to them.

      The mental process behind it is completely baffling.

      Oh wait… no brain. My bad.


  2. I find it to be awesome entertainment to watch you tell people to go fuck themselves subtly and intelligently as you do. :D


    1. inorite? It almost makes you want to send her a badly worded pickup attempt just to get your own personalized rejection notice from her.


      Hey Ms. Ferns – I just got a great idea for a side business for you…

    2. @mysticlez: Thank you, thank you.

      I’d like to thank idiots everywhere for giving me this opportunity. Without them, I would never have achieved what I have achieved in the world of ‘My Sent Emails’ *emotional sniff… exits stage left…*


  3. I can’t imagine the horror of being inside that person’s head, living a nightmare of toxic idiocy swimming in smugness. The only hope is that you delivered the blow that breaks the evil spell, or at least one of the many it will take.

      1. Sometimes it just takes a little growing-up time… and a couple of well-places blows to the ol’ ego. I know I’ve said some really stupid shit in lifetime… no, I didn’t post it on someone’s blog, but…

        Doesn’t matter if it made her think, it made us all smile!

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