Holiday snaps

As you know, I recently went to Fiji for a couple of weeks.

I’m not one for lying on the beach (which is, I think, the primary image that comes to mind when one says ‘Fiji’), but I did quite a bit of kayaking, snorkelling, rafting, swimming, walking, reading, eating, drinking and playing games (I think my scrabble-fu is getting better: not at all due to my belligerent arguing that “that is SO a word!!”).

Here are some of my holiday snaps (be thankful you aren’t here, I’d be making you look through the lot and make you listen to dull holiday stories!).

The main bedroom of the accommodation
The main bedroom of the accommodation
Up in the hills of Taveuni Island
White water rafting (well, it was touted as such, but the term ‘white water’ might be a little exaggerated…)
River canyon
Stunning river canyon
Swimming at a waterfall (that's me under the spray...)
Swimming at a waterfall (that’s me under the spray…)
Sunrise overlooking the ocean
Sunrise overlooking the ocean

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    1. You’re most welcome for the sharing.

      There were really some beautiful spots where we went. And I hope you do go there someday.


  1. My wife & I are heading to Fiji in about a month, and I was wondering whether the “white water rafting” and the canyon experience were arrange tours, or more organised by your hosts?

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