Ooh… shiny…

Not new anymore, but still… there is no such thing as too much shiny!!

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  1. You can dry them properly in sunlight, Miss Ferns, but I hear it's not good to put them on top of radiators.

    Sir Puppington Lothian.

  2. Thanks everyone!

    Tom: “Oooh – my two favorite colors: tight and shiny!”

    *laugh* Very funny!!

    puppy: “I hear it's not good to put them on top of radiators.”

    Noted… thank you for the most useful tip.

    prsuasivpressure: “Are those your legs??”

    *chuckle* Yes, they are indeed my legs, though next time maybe I will import body parts for my photos!


  3. Also, I understand that if you puff lots of talc in your boots before putting them on, your feet won't get smelly and you won't get athlete's foot, Miss Ferns.

    Sir Puppington Lothian.

  4. The key thing is to watch out for cheesy deposits between the toes, Miss Ferns, while I'm on the subject. That's always a sign of an impending infection. Or, at least, that's what many malesubs have been telling me about their Goddesses' footwear habits. Cheesy deposits= bad news.

    I hope that helps.

    Sir Puppington Lothian.

  5. puppy: “…smelly… athlete's foot… cheesy deposits… infection…”

    *shudder* I strongly suggest that you start looking for women with better foot hygiene than those you have encountered to date.

    I hope that helps.


  6. Miss Ferns: *shudder* I strongly suggest that you start looking for women with better foot hygiene than those you have encountered to date.

    The women I meet only ever smell of computer screens or magazine paper. *Grin*

    Sir Puppington Lothian.

  7. Have literally just stumbled upon this delightful blog. I very much like your quest away from the “worthless worm” kind of thinking.

    Perusing the shoe entries, I was thinking that I may not come across any boots. Then!… Stunning, perfect boots! Nothing better than patent boots. These are really beautiful and desirable. Impossible to ignore if seen say, in the street, in a cafe, etc… although I would look discreetly and respectfully… promise!

    I have a fantasy about being summoned by a very confident and sexy Dominant Lady, in a very public place, to explain my behaviour because she has noticed that, despite my ineffective attempts at remaining inconspicuous, I have in fact been staring at her gorgeous boots as if in a state of hypnosis. She effortlessly and humiliatingly forces me to confess that I was indeed staring rudely and inappropriately, that I am a boot fetishist, and a submissive very much in need of Female authority, direction and correction.

    Needless to say, I am quickly made to understand that she is a Woman extremely well suited, experienced and equipped for such a task. In fact, although she loves wearing boots for fashion and style reasons, as well as her own Feminine pleasure, sexiness and feeling of power, she also adores wearing them because she is fully aware of the effect they have on males, particularly submissive ones. It’s my lucky day because, on this particular occasion, she was actually out and about in a very predatory mood, in search of a male “victim” to ensnare, capture and take home for, certainly at least, short-term fun and, if her initial assessment made her interested enough, for longer-term, much more serious training. What an incredibly fortunate slut to find myself so unexpectedly trapped in this irresistible Dominant Female’s web!

    What a typically slutty male mind!

    As a matter of interest, my Goddess/wife, my beautiful and wonderful partner for 27 years, and I are in a lifestyle FemDom relationship (I hasten to add, for the sake of realistic accuracy, limited massively by vanilla life, in particular being parents to 3 children).

    Despite the daily constraints, one fundamental fact never changes and that is my TOTAL sexual submission to Her. She controls me COMPLETELY and I am devoted to Her pleasure. This has been the case for 6 years and we have never been happier or more fulfilled and excited in our sex life.

    I endeavour to treat Her like the true and adored Goddess She is to me whatever vanilla life throws our way in its interminable “efforts” to frustrate us. I don’t always succeed but I will NEVER give up trying to do better.

    We live in Ireland. She is 44, I am 54. I am no doormat or weakling (mentally or physically), or lacking in masculinity. Goddess is not infallible or always blindly right or in control of every detail of our life. We share all important decision-making and hate being apart. She is, however, greatly empowered and far more confident as a result of our power exchange and my craving to serve Her 24/7, from the most ordinary and everyday of tasks to my utter sexual enslavement.

    I will show Her your blog at the first opportunity. Best wishes.

    1. Thank you for your comment way back here, William!!

      Your fantasy sounds familiar somehow… *laugh*. I don’t think it’s at all uncommon.

      The most ‘looks’ I got with these boots was when I wore them to the airport on a warm spring day as a treat for my submissive who was flying in. They were so obviously inappropriate for the setting. It was fun.

      I’m so happy for you and your wife to have each other. Congratulations!


  8. Ma’am, I can’t help but comment. You have an amazing taste in heels/boots. Every time I have seen one on your blog, I have been floored and can’t help but stop and stare for a few seconds. You have great taste!

    In public, I can’t help but glance at a woman with gorgeous boots. Sometimes I wonder if I have ever been noticed doing this and wonder what women think of it. A great pair of boots definitely get me weak in the knees.

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