Public service

My friend and I walked the sandy path to the beach. There in the shade, we passed a couple.

She was talking animatedly on the phone, leaning casually up against the walkway railing.

He was kneeling before her, undoing the shoelaces of her right sneaker, obviously taking her shoes off for her.

We exchanged friendly smiles.

My friend nodded at the man at her feet.

“That’s some fine service you’re getting there,” he said.

Her face brightened into a wide smile, she glanced down, she nodded.

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  1. Clearly vanilla I mean sneakers ? at the very least it would be 9″ heeled pumps if she was a twuer domme *cackles nastily*


    1. I know right?! Geez.

      It makes me laugh whenever the safety police rail against perfectly innocent public displays of service. Many of them ARE completely vanilla. And nobody cares (or they think it’s sweet).

      Much ado about nothing in many cases.


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