Holy fuck beautiful eyes

I’ve taken to calling him ‘holy-fuck-beautiful-eyes’ (in honour of the fabulously articulate email I sent him on a whim), which is the worst nickname EVER but it makes me smile every time I use it.

He’s not a match for me (he agrees with this), and I am unlikely to meet him (I’ve told him this), and yet, there is that elusive ‘something’ there that draws me in and I love it and I hate it.

He’s local, a little younger than me, a singer, a writer, a film maker, a hippy environmentalist with longish curly hair and holy fuck, those eyes; pale clear blue, piercing, hypnotic. A gorgeous face photographed in a few different ways, but in his main photo, he is wearing a cheeky half-smirk. He’s 6’5, in a wheelchair.

I don’t even know him, our emails have been largely superficial, but there’s that something, that elusive thing. He feels it also.

He writes, “…I can tune into you. It’s not that hard to do. There is already a connection.”

He’s right.

Why isn’t he a match? He’s not submissive. Which is enough. Been there, done that, and there’s a reason I seek out submissive men. But added to that, there’s the fact that he would like to have kids, and his idea of a fun night out sounds completely hellish to me. Fundamental incompatibilities.

And yet, he is taking up this head space, swimming around in there, trying to find purchase. He would be happy to explore this just to see what it is. I’m tempted. Sorely tempted. But I don’t do casual well: it seems like a fine idea on the surface, but it generally ends up making me feel some combination of hurt/bad/sad/lonely, and for me, it’s just not worth it.

What I would like, though, is to meet him and not talk. Meet, go to his place, undress each other, lie in bed, and see how this strange connection translates into touch. I like the thought of him blindfolded, but more than I want the blindfold, I want to look into those holy-fuck-beautiful-eyes.

Stroking, petting, kissing: yes.
Talking, fucking, orgasms: no.

I wonder if he’d go for that.

Loves: 12
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  1. He would have to be mad not to… the ‘yes’ column sounds like an amazing way to form an understanding of another.

    1. It does doesn’t it?! It would be interesting and intimate and could be incredibly wonderful.

      I will see how strong this feeling gets. Maybe…


  2. Who would be mad enough to say no to lying in bed stroking and kissing a gorgeous intelligent woman?! Mad I tell you!


  3. ” He’s 6’5, in a wheelchair” Blimey that’s a hellish big wheel chair! *Ponders exactly how you’d get in it… some kind of stair lift possibly?* Anyhoo *cough* Moving on I think you should totally meet * claps hands* make it so for my sense of completeness

    1. *laugh* Ba dum tsss!!

      “Moving on I think you should totally meet *claps hands* make it so for my sense of completeness”

      That clapping thing isn’t working. I think you might have to nose twitch or do the chicken dance or something…


  4. I can appreciate the disaster of vanilla… as well as incompatibilities that lead the interested to fizzle before they can germinate into something sustainable. I empathize with the notion of personal interests wanting to try your kinky skills prematurely and then taking flight when they figure out they may have gotten what they wanted and now they are not sure they actually want it… you… or the situation after all. I know exactly what you mean when u said u end up feeling used, hurt, played with casual encounters…. damn this means im not the only dominant female who feels navigating affairs of the heart can be doomed when your dominant… kinky… fetishist… adult content – provider of things and stuff in everyday normal livestyles that are nothing normal. Im glad he turned out to be a fun time with invite potential to do it again sometime. I’m crossing my stilettos that the magical moments stay in the moment until u 2 cement curiosity to something more LTR…….. if that’s what you want. This leap dooms my potentials almost everytime.

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