Curious about bambi? Ask me!

So bambi arrives in a week. A WEEK!!! So exciting!

I’ve had two questions about him on my Ask Me page today, and I do love questions (question hoar!), so I thought I’d bring it up front here, and invite you to ask about him/me/us in the comments.

If there are only a few questions, I will answer them here. If there are MORE than a few, I will create a new post for them. If there are none, I will wail and cry and ask the universe why nobody cares…

If you want to catch up on the story so far, there is a bambi category (spoilt boy!). Go take a peek.

Edited to add: I got some more questions on my ‘Ask Me’ page (yay!!). I’m going to add them here to keep track, and so you can see what is being asked.

Is Bambi the greatest?!?! <= Hmmm... bambi, is that you?! ** This Bambi fellow seems pretty fit and hot. He must be so awesome!! How are you handling the massive ego he must have?! <= It IS you!!!! *laugh*


ohhhhh You said it was okay now, that’s what I was waiting for to see so now I can ask about bambi. ~gleams~

What is his reaction to you posting about him on the site? I know you have said he is shy at times which I am too. Does it embarrass him, make him beam with happiness, etc?

Also, reading about him I sometimes wonder if he is my long lost submissive male twin from another mother so can I poke him? Find out if he has been searching for his lesbian submissive twin haha Pokey pokety poke poke



How are you feeling, about meeting Bambi? Are you nervous, excited, anxious? If any of those, what do you do to keep your composure? What do you do to help bring you back to your regular state of mind?

BTW, best of luck and I look forward to reading about your meeting! :D


You’ve mentioned this isn’t the first time you’ve gotten to know a boy online before meeting him face-to-face.

Of course, every situation and every potential boy is different, and you can’t predict the future. But, do you think being on your home turf — having the boy come to you — makes any difference? Does being in a familiar environment affect (or might it affect) your headspace, comfort level, confidence, expectations, etc? (any or all of those things!)


What can you tell us about Bambi that we don’t already know?


You’ve said he’s sent you pictures (and video) of his face. Has he sent you pictures (or video) of anything else?

Inquiring minds want to know!


Now that bambi is days (DAYS!!!) away, I’m curious to know how your feelings have changed since “I want to do things to you.” Back then it felt like there was hope and optimism with a side of doubt. How are these emotions dished out now? Are you still feeling the Mad Max landscape? And lastly, do you have your secret agent spy glasses and button cam all charged up so we can come to the airport and meet bambi with you?

PS And since bambi is such an attention hoar I’ll throw one his way, how is he feeling just days away from meeting you? And, and, and, has he picked out his I’m-going-to-meet-Ferns-and-she’s-going-to-do-naughty-naughty-things-to-me-but-only-after-we-make-out-in-the-airport-like-teenagers outfit yet?


Are you nervous to meet Bambi?

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  1. Yay! Are you going to meet him at the airport? Or is he going to have to make the trip from the airport to wherever you will be found by himself? If you meet him at the airport, are you going to have a sign that says “bambi,” or his actual name, or will he be expected to recognize you without a sign? I think a sign that says “bambi” would be great. Maybe with little hearts drawn on it, or at least one to dot the “i.”

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