Creative? No, just lazy…

I’m at the airport waiting for the flight home from my weekend with the lovely switch.

Of course I am happy to share with you all, and I was thinking about what to write about it, and then I had a really great idea (I am full of them! Truly!). I already told him I was going to send him a questionnaire to fill in (probably full of ridiculous questions that make me laugh) and he is eagerly (?) awaiting them.

Then I thought, “Oooh, I’ll bet my readers would love to ask him questions too!!!”

So here goes:

If you want to ask the lovely switch any questions about the weekend, about me, about “the real Ferns”, then ask away in the comments here. Naturally you can ask me whatever you want also, but that’s kind of a given.

Fun right?

Also, if you come up with a bunch of questions, then I get to be uber lazy, and you know, that’s one of my strengths!

Edited to add: The (uncensored) answers to these questions can be found here: A weekend with the Domme and the lovely switch

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  1. OK then… Two questions for both, or either of you.

    What was the highlight of the weekend for you?

    The way we perceive people on-line can often be different that the person we meet in real life. Was there anything that surprised you?

    Will you be friends for life?… (or at least for a long time)

    If given the choice between having many good, lovely friends or having that one special wonderful lover, which would you choose?

    Did you ever feel any desire to go further than “just” a non romantic rendezvous?

    I counted the question marks and there appears to be more than two. (sorry) Feel free to answer or ignore as you choose (I’m drunk now so I won’t notice)

  2. Other than creating hospital corners on beds, preventing late night fire drills, properly cooking egg yolks and providing proper harbor views, paying attention is what I’m known for doing. Pardon me, Miss, I believe you left this lip gloss behind when you checked out.

  3. Did you spend more of your time together just enjoying each other’s company or going places and doing things? Which was more fun?

    What kinds of things did you spend a lot of time talking about?

    If you had the trip to do over again, is there anything you would change about it?

  4. Okay, I’ve seen pictures of someone who claims to be Ms Ferns, but I swear that the pictures are of a 28 year old sports or active-wear model. Does she really look like the pictures? And if so, can you ask her if there is a portrait in her attic that ages for her?

    1. Nicely done, Tom! There can’t be many threads in the erotic blogosphere wherein references are casually made to Oscar Wilde. You are constantly raising the bar around here. Well done!

    2. *laugh* You have seen more of me than he has, Tom. I don’t walk around in the world half undressed, you know…!!

      I shall await his outraged demands to see the alleged photos before answering this question…


  5. Ok, What desperately I want to know is:

    What is Ferns like in person?
    How does she stand?
    What did she wear?
    Does she seem posed or relaxed?
    What does she smell like?
    What is her neutral facial expression?
    And how often does she actually smile?

  6. *laugh* These are so awesome, thank you folks!!

    If anyone is feeling a little shy about asking a question, you *can* post completely anonymously!! Just leave all the fields (except for the comment one!) blank.


    1. Well-a well-a well-a HU!
      Tell me more tell me more,
      Did you get very far?
      Tell me more tell me more,
      Like does he have a car?

      Tut, of course the first question is answered and the second hardly matters. But I rarely get to sing those lines and I can do them in *both* voices.

  7. Did you get a dominant vibe from Ferns from your submissive side even though it was a platonic thing? Was there any sort of desire to submit, and if so in what way/s?

  8. Did she mention me?
    Did she mention Peroxide?
    Which one of us wins? Who’d she smile more talking about?


    Thank you for not killing one of my best friends. I really have no serious questions that haven’t already been asked.

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