More patent leather

I haven’t posted any shoe pictures in AGES!

One of the reasons is that I’m buying fewer new shoes (a travesty!!), and another is because my previous apartment had few spots that provided a clear background, so it was difficult to take decent photos.

These aren’t new, but they are lovely aren’t they?!

Strappy black patent leather heels with a snakeskin feature around the heel.

Snakeskin patent heels

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  1. SHOES!… and they’re inhabited! (even better) While they may not be new, they *ARE* lovely and any time you’d care to post an snippet, describing their wonderfulness in detail, it would be another swoon worthy addition to my audio archives.

  2. They look great. And they look great on you. But they do not look at all comfortable to wear. The sound of you walking across a hard tile floor in those would probably send chills down my spine, though.

    1. *smile* Thank you.

      And I can confirm that they are not particularly comfortable to wear, but I choose shoes according to what I am doing. These are for leisurely dinners out where I essentially sit around looking fabulous while oohing and ahhing over culinary delights and quaffing wine.


      1. And here I am, wondering if I should buy some specialty shoes that I will only wear while bicycling. Apparently the market for specialty shoes for men is different than the market for women.

  3. Your new heels, a work of art, with you in them, your taste exquisite, calling for kisses everywhere between those strappy straps. Wear them well, my dear Ferns.

  4. Oh my! I am by no means a foot fetishist, but this picture makes me see the light! The shoes indeed are lovely, but what really does it for me is the way they draw attention to those incredibly beautiful feet. No doubt, the fact that they are not just any feet, but the feet of the incomparable Ms Ferns makes this a vision splendid and completes my rapture. Oh Ms Ferns, let me be your solemate!

    1. *smile* Thank you for the most lovely compliments, they are much appreciated.

      “Oh Ms Ferns, let me be your solemate!”

      *laugh* Perfect!


  5. Leather, shoes, heels, ~gasp~ ~drool~ leatherrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

    ~passes out~


  6. lol Thanks don’t know what came over me there for a minute I might have stumbled on something I found ummm fascinating yeah lol


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