On ‘becoming a Domme’ Part II

… continued from On ‘becoming a Domme’ Part I

So I found a lovely vanilla submissive and had it all sorted, right?

Well, kind of.

I fucked that one up, but I learnt what I wanted in a man, and in a relationship, from being with him. And that was no small thing.

I had some other short term relationships after that which ‘worked’, but it was a little hit and miss to find what … Continue Reading

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On ‘becoming a Domme’ Part I

I was a pretty confident, smart, take-no-bullshit young woman, and I always attracted men who would fall over themselves to do what I wanted (even before I really figured out what I wanted). Given my later proclivities, I should have been happy with that, right?

But I found them insufferably dull because I would push at them, and they would roll over at the slightest hint of my disapproval, would become scared to even express … Continue Reading

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Random memories: Foreplay?!

He was lying on the floor at my feet, we were watching TV.

He had a gorgeous arse and beautiful legs. I was distracted by the muscles of his thighs, and the crease where his legs met his arse.

I idly started to pat his arse with my foot, just stroking him gently. He shifted back a little to give me better access. I squeezed my foot between his thighs and he opened his legs … Continue Reading

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Check my workouts! (the original)

Older fit woman
Last updated Oct 10th (see Check My Workouts for all updates)

On 30th April 2012, I decided to start an intense workout regime with the goal of getting myself into the best shape of my life (big call!). It consists of gym work 6 days a week over a three month period.

On 25th May, I did a call out to others to join me, and some amazing folks heeded the call.


I added … Continue Reading

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Music festival

It’s hot, sun beating down, the light dappled by leaves from overhanging trees.

You are dancing, your hair held up in a coloured band, it bounces wildly as you fling yourself about to the beat. You are lost in it. I feel wave after wave of affection as I watch you, unselfconscious, intermittently closing your eyes to let the music move you. My stomach flips when your lithe body does a snaky little shimmy that … Continue Reading

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I’ll be the moon

If your hopes scatter like the dust across your track
I’ll be the moon that shines on your path

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Building trust

Trust doesn’t flow one way. I know that’s obvious, but we D/s folks talk a lot about how the submissive has to trust their Domme and all that. Yes, true.

But as a dominant, I have to trust him also.

I have to trust him to accept my dominance happily, I have to trust him to glow under it, I have to trust that he will tell me when something is wrong, I have to … Continue Reading

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