Boots, glorious boots…

Really, do I need to say anything about these?!

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  1. Brids: “Out of curiosity, as these boots even remotely comfortable to wear? =P”

    They are pretty comfortable for high heels, but meant for lounging and looking fabulous… I'll not be wearing them for 8 hours at work.


  2. Jack: “They look made for walkin', I imagine that's just what they'll do…and one of these days…”

    *laugh* Well, they HAVE been put to use on my boy's body, and I believe the toes and heels have both been inside his mouth. I do consider practicalities when I buy these kinds of boots…


  3. The Duchess: “Those are positively glorious my darling…”

    They are aren't they?! I will say 'thank you' as if I had anything to do with it other than drooling and buying…!


  4. Faith: Just in case you might think I deleted your comment in petulance at you coveting my boots, I didn't!

    It has somehow disappeared… the count on the main blog page still shows the right number of comments, but when I click into the comments, it is gone!



  5. Tom: “Huh? I'm sorry, did you say something?”

    I said “Blah blah blah blah Tom blah blah blah boots blah blah blah lick blah blah, Tom!”


  6. Jane: “I need these pair! Love boots. To me it's just the sexiest outfit to wear in bed, better yet the only one.”

    Aren't they great?! In bed though? These babies will rip holes in your bed linen, mattress and your pillow (use your imagination people!) within 5 minutes!

    Meh… small price to pay…


  7. I have no idea why I didn’t reply to either of the earlier comments, but thank you all *smile*.

    For the record, I have hardly ever worn them. Should remedy that this winter.


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