Winning at gymming

I started an exercise blitz on 30 April with a 12 week program involving gym work 6 days a week (see my Check My Workouts! page for more detail), and pilates twice a week (which I have been doing forever).

Last week, I finished my second 12 week program where I was gymming 5 days a week, with pilates still twice a week.

I have just started my third 12 week stint.

Psychologically, it is … Continue Reading

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Gym bunny update photo

New progress picture.

There is more definition compared with a couple of months ago (if you want to compare the shot from two months ago ‘side by side’-ish, go take a look at the ‘‘body project’‘ page).

Any and all compliments, encouragement and motivational pats most welcome.

Extra brownie points if you refer to my ‘guns’ in a non-ironic way…… Continue Reading

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