Introducing the pretty thing

This is my pretty thing.

Young and nowhere near me, he tortures me from afar. Also, he does yoga.

pretty thing

Yeah, I know, right? *swoon*


More on him soon.

Loves: 18
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  1. Oooh, I’m so curious. So, so, so curious! Tell us more!

    And he has pets, which is a good thing, or is that his bowl there in the back …? :)

    1. “Tell us more!”

      *laugh* I will!

      “And he has pets, which is a good thing, or is that his bowl there in the back …? :)”

      Ha! He has a cat, so he is used to being at the beck and call of his owner…


  2. I’m not the slightest bit gay.

    But I will say you have good taste.
    Then again, I’ve been watching that “Spartacus” show b/c my brother brought the entire first season, so I’m kinda used to hot male and female bods in my face.

    Me? I’d need to gain ten pounds of muscle and lose 50 to 60 pounds of fat to look like your crush :)

    1. I *do* have good taste, yes!

      And I thought Spartacus was so awesome for the hot men in skirts fighting and grunting and being all slavish!!!


  3. He is gobsmackingly beautiful (and I don’t care that that handsome is the masculine adjective, handsome just doesn’t cut it, as I tell my boy so often).

    I sympathize with the pretty induced stupidness, I really do. + cat + yoga + submissive. Wow. Just wow.

    1. “He is gobsmackingly beautiful”

      Isn’t he, though? It hurts my feelings a little.

      I just never get tired of looking at him… *IQ drops*… guh…


  4. Um. [sputter]


    I have an email address. So, um, if for some reason, the pretty young thing, um, isn’t your type, um, ….. you know, just throwing that out there. As soon as I can remember my email address again, that is….

    And mostly, *um*.

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