Not ‘moved’ in an emotional sort of way, but in a ‘physically moved house’ kind of way.

This is my fifth day without internet access. I have briefly snaffled access using an old mobile broadband thingie that I forgot I had. I am hoping to get connected for realz today.

Not having internet access is a strangely isolating experience for me. It makes me feel kind of anxious to not ‘talk’ to people I normally have pretty regular exchanges with. My twitter peeps have been kind enough to fill the void with some sweetness and silliness, thank you!

I’m not living in the dark ages, so saying ‘no internet’ is kind of a lie. I have internet access on my phone, which is the most frustrating thing EVER! I become annoyed and incoherent on it, so twittering was fine, reading emails was okay, but reading anything longer than a few paragraphs wasn’t happening and writing anything longer than a sentence generally ended with some version of “FUCK YOU!!!” to whoever I was trying to communicate with (sorry about that!).

bloody yellow rose
Frankly, the day without power was worse than the multiple days with no-internet. No hot water, food slowly going off in the fridge, my devices rapidly losing their respective charges, no coffee, nothing hot to eat, and after a charity dinner for my benefit, I went to bed at 9.30pm because the alternative was sitting in the dark all alone. Hello 80-year-old-me.

So, after all that, I am moved and settling in quickly. A lovely man sent me a bunch of ‘welcome home’ flowers which included this stunning bloodied yellow rose. Thank you!

It’s morning, I am having coffee, sitting in my new lounge room looking out through my floor to ceiling windows, over my sunny deck. I have not moved far, I am still at the beach. The park across the street is dry, we haven’t had much rain lately, but there are two huge Norfolk pines just there, a light breeze making them look as if they are waving fingers at me, and through the trees, I see the ocean.

*happy sigh*

Did you miss me?! I missed you!!

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  1. Yay for being moved in, and boo for no internet and the day without power. I hope the settling in process is a lot less stressful!

    1. Thanks. I’m pretty much in and settled, real internet is on, most unpacking is done, I am getting used to the place, figuring out the little quirks and meeting the neighbours, and of course, I can’t find anything!


    1. *smile* Thank you! I am totally missable!!

      I have sooooo been loving your comments on my old posts, thank you so much for leaving your footsteps back there. It is truly lovely, and when I go to see what you commented on, it is like a little flashback of emotion. So strange, and really fun.


      1. I am enjoying it. I will be sad when it’s over and I’m caught up and have to wait for you to post. And then I’ll get super excited every time I see that you’ve posted. And then I’ll always wish there was more.

        1. *smile* You need to read slower!! S-l-o-w-e-r.

          I’m so glad you are enjoying it. I am delighted with all of the various whimpers and cutenesses way back there in the stacks.


  2. I’m glad your moved in physically! Hopefully, as you get settled, you’ll start emotionally occupying corners of closets and dresser drawers, too.

    Hurrah for change! While it isn’t always wanted, it keeps us on our toes, keeps us fresh, and always ensures we don’t allow ourselves to be lulled into stagnancy.

    Also, freaking hurrah for bleeding roses and extra special hurrah to the beautiful man who sent them! He must be sweet and thoughtful and all-around special! ;)

    1. Thank you! The ’emotional occupation’ idea is spot on. This place feels cold (and actually *is* physically cold): Lots of white, and lots of empty space. It will take a little while before it feels like I am occupying it, I think.

      “… extra special hurrah to the beautiful man who sent them! He must be sweet and thoughtful and all-around special!”

      *smile* Yes, a complete and utter sweetheart!!


  3. I miss you lots and lots, but I think you already know that… Internet or not, WELCOME HOME!!!
    (I hope you get everything straightened out soon.)

  4. Ferns,

    You have done very well with your move and with thinking to use the internet mobile thingie.

    And you have moved Satan to write these new back-up plans in case of any more power cuts:

    1. Keep barbeque on standby.

    2. Get car charger for mobile.

    3. Get to the beach to write and draw in the sand. This way we can still read your posts on Google Earth.



    Yes, I missed you.


    1. I appreciate the backup plans. They are fine ones.

      I think also a generator, lots of red wine (because it doesn’t have to be cold, even though I don’t drink red), a couple of uzis and some garlic.

      And thank you for saying you missed me!! Being missed by Satan is no small thing!


  5. * runs a white glove over the mantelpiece *

    Tsk you could have dusted before inviting company!

    *internet hugs you * I missed having you about don’t do that again *laughs*


    1. Thank you!!

      The owners of the place I was renting sold it, and the new owners want to use it as a beachside weekender. People are so SELFISH!!


  6. Ugh, I just read why you had to move and that TOTALLY BLOWS!!

    I’m glad the move went smoothly and you’re mostly settled! That rose is gorgeous, come back to the interbutts soon, okay? :)

    1. I am still pretty much across the street from the brown snake. I’m sure a feather duster is all that’s required to take care of deadly snakes though, so I feel perfectly safe…


      1. No, No, No, Feather dusters take care of mantles during pre-Cougar inspections. Snakes require the Crocodile Dundee mesmerism, at which I am also adept.

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