My sent emails XXXII – drunk version

hello Jay,

I am drumk, whoicnh mans slow and terrible typing, wihc I am too lazy to corect because, I am lazy
an d drnk!@

I hpe yhou had a great day, cutie pie, and mickey mouse was sweet to you.

Good moening , Jay

*big hug*


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  1. ~Laugh~… I don’t even need to be drunk to type like that. I just need to misplace my glasses.

  2. I like that you took the time to explain your horrible typing, but wouldn’t take the time just to correct it on an otherwise short email. It is remarkably delightful that your disclaimer was longer than the body of the rest of the email.

    Good moening, indeed. I’m assuming you meant “good moaning.” I can’t think of what else it could possibly be.

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