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Hello do-sex-to-me-nickname,

“I serve you online through webcam, taking pictures and videos of tasks you assign me.”

Yeah, that’s not service. That’s you getting your rocks off. Calling it ‘service’ is disingenuous.

And no, that doesn’t interest me one bit.

Best of luck.


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  1. Starts off with the promise of snark, then devolves into a lecture. No surprise ending. Writer seems bored. Spelling and grammar are both good.

    I give this reply a 7/10

    1. Pfffttt…

      That I responded at all gets me to 6/10 straight up. The useful education is worth another 1. The polite rejection is another 1. The good wishes another 1.

      Your maths sucks!


  2. “I only shared one bit of it… hardly even counts!”

    This is true I should be appreciative. I mean I was so glad that you left out the parts where despite not knowing you I offered to XXXX and then XXXXXXXX and then you called me XXXXXXXXXX. You know that was pretty bad hahaha

    And you do get points for responding at all. I would not have.


  3. See, he’s offering to test your computer’s video card for you. Make sure all the pixels work.

    I guess there’s no pleasing some people.

  4. Loved this! It’s the main reason I walked away from everything online, short of coaching, and even there I get the occasional dolt who thinks I’m a phone sex operator. I love putting them in their places and then disconnecting while they fight to get back their pathetic erections. Tickles my sadistic fancy.

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