Vagina gym!

I bought a vagina gym!

Lelo Luna

Since I’m getting all fit and stuff, I figured, hey, how about vagina fitness?!!

So, I bought a vagina gym.

These Luna Beads by Lelo are a kind of ben wa balls. They are different weights: the pink are 28 grams and the blue are 37 grams. The balls themselves have smaller weighted balls inside them which shift as you move. You can use just one, or two at … Continue Reading

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My sent emails XXXII – drunk version

hello Jay,

I am drumk, whoicnh mans slow and terrible typing, wihc I am too lazy to corect because, I am lazy
an d [email protected]

I hpe yhou had a great day, cutie pie, and mickey mouse was sweet to you.

Good moening , Jay

*big hug*

Ferns… Continue Reading

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When I pet you

I love it when I gloriously intrude into your life: make you look at your email *again*, check your phone, obsessively hitting refresh (just in case), make you smile when you see my name pop up, make your heart leap Pavlovian into your throat, make your cock hard, wet when something strikes you just right, make you replay sweetness over and over, make you bounce with ‘Yespleaseabsolutely’ pleasure when I suggest we chat, make you … Continue Reading

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On socialising and being an introvert

The last BDSM event I went to was with e, there were maybe 200 people there.

He is quite involved in his local community and knows pretty much everyone. Obviously, I didn’t know anyone.

We hung around together, whispering and laughing, having some drinks, talking to people, and at some point we drifted apart.

I spent some time speaking to a rigger about a book project he was working on while he explained in gleeful … Continue Reading

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A ‘thing’

I already mentioned that I met another submissive when I was visiting e. We have kept in close touch, and have developed this very intense ‘thing’ (I am not quite sure what to call it exactly).

When we met, I was still emotionally wrapped up with e as we petted each other a little and built our friendship in the aftermath of it not working out. My emotions don’t just switch off when they were … Continue Reading

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“beautiful woman with a strap on harness…”

While I was away, I met up with another lovely submissive who lives in the same city as e. We had been emailing for a few months after I sent him a compliment on his thoughtful and original posts on Fetlife. The fact that he happened to live in the city I was travelling to was a convenient coincidence.

I had planned to meet him regardless of how it went with e because we got … Continue Reading

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