Domme: Online training part II

STILL not what you thought, random searchers!

*sigh* Oh, okay then. Drop trou and give me 20 push ups. Then 20 more. Then… well, you see where I am going with this… Don’t stop until I have finished talking to the nice folks…

With that out of the way, and to close this training topic off as a non-topic, but sort-of topic for my blog, I have set up a page specifically for gym stuff, workout tracking and rrraaawwwrrr flexy fitness stuff.

It’s here:

Check my workouts!

I’ve put a link over in my sidebar (look look, over there, top right).

You can all keep an eye out on me now and then, make sure I am not slacking, give me encouragement, offer wild applause for every tiny success, and IF (big *IF*!) I was to post any progress photos, they would go over there.

Okay, those of you doing push ups can stop now. How did that feel? It was good wasn’t it? Then come and join me!

** Note: The ‘Friends’ functionality over on is not working for me, so if any of you have joined and tried to friend me, I’m not ignoring you! I’ve raised a ticket with their support, but in the meantime, drop me a note over there instead, I will add you to my contacts and keep an eye on your logs.

Edited to add: If you are using some *other* web site that has a tracking mechanism, please still feel free to join us! With your permission, I will put a link to your tracker over there on my Check my workouts! page and we can still give you support and encouragement.

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  1. *pops another choccie into her gob *

    Well done Fern, bravo I feel quite weary just watching

    *waves hand languidly *


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