My sent emails VI

Hello EmailSpamBoy,

Your email triggered this warning from the site administration:

*** The sender of this message has triggered our bulk content filter and has been prevented from sending additional messages at this time. We place these limits on our messaging system to prevent abuse and maintain the quality of our online community. You should not conclude that this user is fake or illegitimate merely because they have triggered the filter. ***

I conclude from this that your fascinating introductory email has been spammed to every female on this site.

So, how’s that workin’ out for ya?

That was a rhetorical question. I really don’t care.


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  1. Did it look anything like the one below? If you don't at least fill in the blanks, it's not gonna fool anyone.

    “Dearest Mistress (insert Domme name here)

    My name is (your name) and I desire to worship the quicksand U walk on. All I wanna do is to grovel at your feet and all i ask in return is (insert HUGE kink list here) I will worship you 4 eva if U call me!!! If U do, I will (insert optional kink list here)

    Sincerely yours,
    (your name)”

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