What day is it?


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It is a sign of the times that I no longer know what day it is. Lying in bed this morning having a little bet with myself. I was wrong, by the way. I decided it was most definitely Monday. It’s not. It’s Sunday. So here we are :).

How are you all doing, my lovelies?

I hope you and yours are well and safe. Please insert any and all of the trite pandemic-style banalities here.

On that note, Chrissy Teigen is one of the very few celebrities I follow on twitter because she’s hilarious, isn’t above getting into low-level … Continue Reading

On Gods and Found Femdom

© 'Krystal & Cody, "On Becoming a God..." (still)'

‘Found Femdom’ is a term Unspeakable Axe coined on his blog for femdom themes (blatant or inadvertent) discovered in the mainstream media. I’m stealing it because it’s such a good catch-all.

I’m posting more mainstream ‘found femdom‘ content that may be of interest to you: After ending up down some rabbit holes of goodness this snippet came to my attention.

This clip is from “On Becoming A God In Central Florida” with the highly underrated Kirsten Dunst. It’s a series on Showtime, the executive producer was George Clooney: Read into that whatever you like after seeing … Continue Reading

Women kicking arse :D

© 'Zoe Bell 'BOSS BITCH FIGHT CHALLENGE' (stills)' by Zoe Bell

New Zealand stuntwoman Zoe Bell and friends got together(ish) for this ‘women kicking arse’ clip and it’s SO GOOD.

It’s five fabulous minutes of over-the-top faux-smackery by Bell, other stunt doubles, and some famous faces including Lucy Lawless, Scarlett Johansson, Cameron Diaz, Juliette Lewis, Drew Barrymore, Rosie Perez, Darryl Hannah, and Margot Robbie.

Gotta admit, I’ve watched it several times and still can’t identify all of those folks in it :).

Either way, it is utterly utterly glorious :)).

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Unexpected femdommery on film

This short femdom film is such a wonderful surprise: Displaying a really gentle touch in portraying an older woman who is new to BDSM, who is exploring, who is unsure and nervous. There are many such brave and fabulous women out there.

It’s written and directed by Julia Kennelly, and stars the amazing Rachel Dratch who I suspect many of you will recognise.

It’s classed as a comedy, but it’s not played for laughs. It’s fun and sweet, and also full of pathos and tenderness. Both for her and the beautiful submissive boy she meets.

It’s deliciously awkward and realistic, … Continue Reading

Reader Q&A: Femdom Podcast #111 [Audio]

Reader Q&A: Femdom Podcast #111 [Audio]

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This ridiculously fabulous femdom podcast Q&A includes the following:

  • Have you tried receptive anal?
  • How to do femdom dirty talk?
  • Punishment vs scene time: How to deal?
  • Suggestions for D/s with kids around
  • What do you charge for a session? [a rant]
  • Should I ask my Mistress to push past what I think I can take?
  • When did you discover your dominance?
  • At a loss for role play to punish him, halp!
  • And more!

The Domme Chronicles podcast is available on iTunes and Spotify: Subscribe if you want to be sure to get my audio porn delivered straight to your ear holes.


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The model and the priest

Continuing on with my theme about liars from my previous post: Two stand-outs of ‘men who I didn’t believe, and who I called out’. Neither of them were potential submissives, but still.

The Model

A 6’6 fucking model hottie who was lighting up Fetlife with hot pictures.

OBVIOUSLY stolen photos *eyeroll*.

After quite a few of his photos hit ‘Kinky and Popular*’, thanks to women thirsty for hot bods, I got so annoyed that I challenged him, like ‘come on, dude’.
*(K&P shows photos that get the most loves and comments, and it’s mostly full of very Continue Reading

Liars and not-liars

Femdom dating is a crap shoot, emphasis on the ‘crap’ sometimes.

I’m not sure I ever wrote about the submissive in the US I said “No thanks” to.

He emailed me, was too young, had no way to afford even a single visit. He was just curious and wanted online attention and shenanigans while pretending he wanted something else.

After I said ‘no thank you’, he contacted me using another name, same IP address (amateur mistake). When I challenged him, he said, “No no I’m just staying with that other guy you talked to, I’m definitely not HIM! I live … Continue Reading

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